Lakeview High School press box, school buses vandalized

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 11:33 am on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LAKEVIEW — About $1,500 in damages was done last week to the press box and some electronics at Lakeview High School’s football field.

Vandals also broke into several school buses stored on school property and made off with fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

According to Lakeview Community Schools Superintendent Kyle Hamlin, the vandalism took place sometime during the evening hours of July 9 or 10 and was discovered by maintenance workers the morning of July 11.

“(The maintenance crew) drives around first thing every morning to see if anything is out of line,” Hamlin explained. “It looks like the vandals pried open the window to the press box, broke the window shaft and stole the score board controller. Who knows what they thought they had their hands on.”

Hamlin added it appeared as if the vandals propped open a hatch in the top of the press box roof and spent some time hanging out there before vacating the premises.

“One of the maintenance guys was out there getting ready to mow the field and he saw that someone had thrown one of the chairs down from the press box,” Hamlin said.

The school buses that were broken into are the property of the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District. There was very little damage to the school buses or the press box. The largest expense is the missing electronic score board controller.

Hamlin said the school’s insurance will cover the replacement cost of the unit, as well as any peripheral damages to the property. There are surveillance cameras in operation at the school, but none of them were trained on the press box at the time of the incident.

“More than anything, this is just annoying,” Hamlin said. “Our maintenance crews are trying to catch up on summer duties and this is just one more thing they have to deal with.

“This is a reminder to our staff that we need to secure our buildings in the summer, set the alarms on the doors and lock them, and not get too complacent in keeping our buildings properly secured.”

According to Lakeview Village Manager James Freed, incidents of vandalism such as these are the result of kids “with too much time on their hands.”

“There really is no sense of personal responsibility anymore,” Freed said. “When we were kids, we sometimes got bored, but we didn’t go around committing vandalism.”

Officers from the Lakeview Police Department are investigating the incident.

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