Meeting in Brief: Hubbardston Village Council

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:43 am on Thursday, July 19, 2012


Name of board: Hubbardston Village Council.

Meeting date: July 10.

Reporting official: Clerk Debbie Amos.

Actions taken:

1. Approved the agenda with a correction.

2. Accepted the minutes of the June 12 meeting.

3. Approved Treasurer Carol Fink’s report.

4. Approved Clerk Debbie Amos’ report with the addition of the Granger invoice for $45.75 to general fund payables.

5. Approved allowing the clerk to make budget amendment adjustments to the current budget.

Discussion items:

1. Judy Kalmanek asked for support for the increase in the Ionia County senior citizen millage. She said the money would  be used to promote senior citizen programs.

2. Linda Butler presented a letter to the council requesting the village resume the cemetery society in its whole upon Butler’s resignation July 30.

3. President Janet Daily reported the Hubbardston Community Center hot dog stand collected $648.15 on Memorial Day weekend.

4. Steve Sanborn will provide hours spent by fire personnel on removing trees from the roads to apply to major and local street funds instead of the fire fund.

5. A special meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Aug. 15 to discuss address changes for local residents with Ionia County Equalization Director Cheryl O’Connor, Ionia County Drain Commissioner John Bush and Roger VanderMolen of the Ionia County Sheriff’s Department.

6. Daily is trying to collect $2,040 in outstanding fire run costs by filing in small claims court.

7. Village council members agreed there would be no charge issued for the ballfields used during the Hubbapalooza event.

8. Daily sold the Community Center poker chips for $215. Five tabletops are left to sell.

9. Dailey is collecting bids for Community Center septic system electric work. Simon Electric has already bid $18,000.

10. Trustee Ellen Genereux thanked the Hubbardston Fire Department medical first responder personnel for their professionalism and quick response to a call at her son’s home.

Members present: President Janet Dailey, Treasurer Carol Fink, Clerk Debbie Amos, trustees Mary Dalton, Ellen Genereux, Stephanie Genereux and Earl Geselman.

Next regular meeting: 6:30 p.m. Aug 14.

For more information: Call Village Hall at (989) 981-6141.

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