Greenville hosts passing camp, season 11 days away

By Bruce Bentley • Last Updated 11:54 am on Thursday, August 02, 2012

Quarterback Curtis Heppe follows through on a throw during Tuesday’s passing camp.

GREENVILLE — It was a beautiful night for baseball on Tuesday. It was also a beautiful night for a high school 7-on-7 passing camp.

With the high school football season less than two weeks (Aug. 6 is the first day of practice) away that has become the norm on school campuses around the state.

On Tuesday, the Greenville Yellow Jackets hosted another passing camp against the visiting Fulton Pirates. Each school participated in three sessions on both offense and defense. The last session being a 10-play set from the goal line.

“In the summertime we are looking for improvement and that’s it,” Greenville coach Dave Moore said. “We expect the kids to hustle and they do that. We expect them to be coachable and they are all the time. Those are expectations that have to happen, but what we really look for is improvement.”

The Yellow Jackets have hosted three passing camps and have participated in another two camps so far this summer. They were hoping to be able to play on the under construction Legacy Field, but was not given the OK to do so on Tuesday.

Moore said the defense played well, but the offense wasn’t as crisp as expected.

“I thought, defensively we were better,” he added. “I think that we are learning and catching on to what we are doing.”

Defensively, the Yellow Jackets haven’t changed much according to Moore.

Junior quarterback Ryan Davis rolls out during drills on Tuesday.

“It’s just personnel,” he said. “The returners have to remember assignments and the new guys from JV have to learn the schemes. That is hard, but I thought we did a nice job.”

A key effect on the offense is only being able to throw once a week at this point of the summer.

“Offensively, we probably weren’t as crisp as we wanted to be,” Moore said. “But then again I think that is what happens with a week in between. We will have to get better at that.”

Quarterbacks Curtis Heppe and Ryan Davis rotated at the position. Heppe is the returning starter and Davis is in his first varsity season.

“We have come a long way. Curtis understands the offense and knows where everyone is going to be so he can react to where the defense is going to be,” Moore said. “Ryan is grasping that and that is a hard concept. You have know where our guys are going to be so you can then concentrate on where they are going to be.”

The goal of the passing camps are to work on timing and routes.

“Especially for our offense,” Moore said. “Our offense is so much timing. That is the hard part, especially when you don’t do it everyday day.”

The Yellow Jackets will compete in their final passing camp of the summer on Saturday at Alma. They will compete against four different teams offensively and defensively.

Next week the Yellow Jackets will have their normal three day work week in preparation for the first official practice of the season on Aug. 6. The Yellow Jackets host the Belding Redskins on Aug. 24 to begin the regular season.