OUR VIEW: Vote yes for Montcalm County EMS millage

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:57 pm on Friday, July 27, 2012

If you’re in an accident or having a heart attack, the last thing you or your loved ones want to think about is whether an ambulance is going to show up at the scene. There are places in this country where this is a real concern.

But we’ve been lucky in Montcalm County to have such responsive Emergency Medical Services personnel, primarily because we as voters have ranked this service as a priority and supported key millage proposals in the past.

On Aug. 7, voters will be asked on the primary ballot to consider a millage proposition for ambulance and medical first response services. The question at stake is whether to renew a 0.75 millage request that would help provide funds from 2013 through 2016 for the acquisition, maintenance and operation of ambulance and medical first response services in Montcalm County.

If the proposal passes, $1,214,768.54 would be generated for EMS services in the first year of the millage (2013).

What this means is that you pay 75 cents for every $1,000 of taxable value on your property. So, for example, if your house were worth $100,000, you would pay $75 a year for these emergency medical services.

In case you’re waffling on the need for this millage, we’d like to point out some key statistics. Overall calls for help to our county EMS have jumped by almost 1,000 since 2010 and have nearly doubled since 2000, according to Director David Feldpausch. That’s a pretty steep climb.

It’s also important to point out that this is not a new tax and will not result in an increase in your property taxes. It’s a renewal at the same rate as it has been for the past four years.

Our county can’t operate without effective ambulance services, so in our book, a “yes” vote on the millage proposition for ambulance and medical first response services is a no-brainer.

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