SHORT TAKES: Summer keeps steaming along

Is this summer speeding by or what?

Here it is one day before August, and many of us have yet to get our first mosquito bite of the year. The sweltering days of August have already visited us in May, June, and July.

Aside from a couple of one- or two-day deluges, Mother Nature has held back on summer rains.

Enter August and the dog days of summer: Forecasters are projecting a little less heat and a little more precipitation. Let’s just hope the rains come at times not crucial to the area’s fairs and festivals.

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Are we starting to see tiny cracks in the rock-hard stances of same-old partisan politics?

It appears to be so at least in Michigan … Gov. Rick Snyder has not hesitated to buck his own party’s wishes; the latest example being his veto of legislation that would make voting registration far more complicated for a lot of folks. While reforms are probably needed, the process should be thoroughly reviewed and tested and approved before becoming law.

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It’s always a pleasure to report the successes of our local legislators.

This week featured Gov. Rick Snyder signing into law a couple of bills introduced by State Rep. Rick Outman. One of the bills would allow certified precinct election inspectors to work in counties other than their home counties.

Citing the difficulty of getting qualified poll workers in some areas, Outman called the legislation “common sense.” A second Outman bill rescinds outdated rules of the now defunct Michigan Apple Commission. According to Outman, “the goal is to eliminate red tape for farmers and producers and to make it easier for job creators in the agricultural industry to do business in Michigan”.

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Three cheers for Montcalm county’s new (and closest to Greenville) recycling station at the Montcalm Township Hall at the northwest corner of M-91 and Colby road, near Turk Lake. But hold your empties until Wednesday when the new no-sorting-necessary facility opens with 24/7 accessibility.

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