OUR VIEW: Keep Andrea Krause as Montcalm County prosecutor

By Daily News • Last Updated 8:28 pm on Friday, August 03, 2012

Few people working through the problems of their daily lives take time to think of the challenges to the people in charge of pursuing criminal justice in their extended neighborhood.

That’s what county prosecutors do, and if citizens at any stage of life are being abused or abusing their families or abusing themselves or anyone else, either from addictive entrapment or from breaking the law in any way, it is the responsibility of the county prosecuting attorney to assure that justice is served.

Two Republicans are the sole candidates facing off in the Aug. 7 primary election for Montcalm County prosecutor: incumbent Andrea Krause, who has worked in the prosecutor’s office for a total of 23 years (14 years as head prosecutor), and Ronald Finegood, a Stanton attorney who has been practicing almost 33 years.

Mr. Finegood has posed some significant questions about the operations of Ms. Krause’s office and what it means to Montcalm County residents.

Mr. Finegood argues for more pursuit of hard drug dealers, as opposed to picking off the “hanging fruit” of marijuana users. He also charges that a lack of control of the prosecutor’s staff result in over-charging some cases and subsequent last-minute dismissal of charges, a discourtesy to the defense effort, and unnecessary jury expenses, resulting in added cost to all parties in the litigation, including county taxpayers. Finegood also advocates for more effective communication between the prosecutor’s office and crime victims.

Ms. Krause addressed Mr. Finegood’s concerns in our primary election preview, which was published in Thursday’s Daily News.

In our view of the contenders for prosecutor, we don’t see the level of area networking and local experience from Mr. Finegood as being sufficient enough to replace the value of Ms. Krause’s experience as prosecutor.

Ms. Krause, who was originally appointed prosecutor in 1998 and went on to be re-elected in 2000, 2004 and 2008, has successfully prosecuted numerous cases here over the years, including 11 murder trials. Ms. Krause has resided here in Montcalm County for the past 23 years, giving her a deep knowledge of the inner workings of our county. Her expertise led to her appointment as special prosecutor in the neighboring counties of Gratiot, Isabella, Mecosta and Newaygo.

Her handling of an extensive list of criminal cases and her intimate knowledge of the citizen-social concerns of this area in our opinion favors re-electing Andrea Krause as prosecutor for Montcalm County.


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