Village of Pierson Recall: Tiny village voting on second recall attempt in 3 months

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 1:58 pm on Monday, August 06, 2012

PIERSON — Residents of the village of Pierson will vote Aug. 7 on a second recall attempt in almost three months.

Village President Karl Van Haren barely survived a recall attempt May 8.  A total of 24 votes were cast against the recall of Van Haren, compared to 21 votes cast in favor of the recall. About 40 percent, or 45 of the village’s 112 registered voters, participated in that recall vote.

Village Councilwoman Rebecca Starr initiated the recall against Van Haren.

Van Haren then started his own recall effort against Starr and her fellow council members Duane Griffes and Verna Smigiel. The three council members will face their own recall attempt during the Aug. 7 primary election.

Recall Wording

Statement of Reason: Shall trustee Verna Smigiel be recalled for interfering with the work schedules of the village employee and office staff. She has degraded village personnel during public council meetings with her explosive temper and disrespect towards those who disagree with her.
Justification of Conduct: Verna Smigiel considers it an honor to serve on the Council. I take this seriously and attend all meeting even when others do not and there is not a quorum to conduct a meeting. I try to conduct myself in the best interest on the Council, I ask questions and dedicate myself to finding answers that apply. If I am attacked I shall defend myself and expect others to do the same. Yes I am vocal but to the interest of our Council business
Shall Verna Smigiel be recalled from the office of Pierson Village Trustee?

Statement of Reason: Shall trustee Duane Griffes be recalled due to his willful neglect of duty. He has financially burdened the Village of Pierson by his misuse of the village attorney for his own personal gain. He has caused strained relations between the village council members, treasurer and village clerk.
Justification of Conduct: NA
Shall Duane Griffes be recalled from the office of Pierson Village Trustee?

Statement of Reason: Shall trustee Rebecca Starr be recalled due to conducting official village business and holding meetings out of her home with fellow council members. She has prevented the village from moving forward in a positive manner. She has created a hostile work environment for the clerk and treasurer.
Justification of Conduct: Thank you for voting in this election. I have served on the village council in three different positions. Clerk when it was still a voted position, trustee, and zoning administrator. I have always served the villages best interests to the best of my ability. All three of these allegations are completely false.
Shall Rebecca Starr be recalled from the office of Pierson Village Trustee?

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