4 districts pick GOP candidates for Montcalm County Board of Commissioners

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:24 am on Wednesday, August 08, 2012

STANTON — Primary election results rolled in Tuesday night after a day at the polls for Montcalm County residents.

Montcalm County commissioner winners in Republican primaries were Dale Reyburn, Tom Lindeman, Ron Braman and Steve DeWitt.

Reyburn will be only candidate contested during the Nov. 6 general election

District 1

Dale Reyburn

Reyburn received 139 votes to beat Jack Johnson’s 119 votes for the District 1 position — a difference of just 20 votes.

Reyburn said winning the position is a real blessing because he did not do a lot of campaigning, but plans to really campaign in the fall.

“I look forward to a brisk campaign in the fall against a good opponent who is a friend of mine,” he said.

Reyburn will face Democrat Ron Blanding in the November election.

Republican opponent Jack Johnson could not be reached for comment.

District 2

Tom Lindeman

Lindeman received 324 votes to beat Lloyd Walker’s 214 votes for the District 2 position.

The next two years, Lindeman said, will be some of the most challenging and “a difficult time for all”.

“Lloyd has a lot of talent and experience in the county,” Lindeman said. “We will continue to call on him and use him for different things.”

Walker said he is not surprised of Lindeman’s victory and believes he will do an excellent job.

“He probably would be a better representative for the district than I would be,” Walker said. “I want to congratulate him and I am happy to see him re-elected.”

District 4

Ron Braman

Braman ousted incumbent Roger Caris with 407 votes to 292 votes.

“I want to thank all the voters for voting for me,” Braman said.

He said he was happy that he won. Opponent Caris said he was happy for Braman.

“I am happy he got the opportunity to serve,” Caris said.


District 8

Steve DeWitt

DeWitt received 314 votes to beat Thomas Porter’s 181 votes.

“I am very pleased,” DeWitt said.

He said he is very thankful for all the people who supported him and volunteered their time during the campaign.

“And thank you to those who encouraged me to step up and run for the position,” DeWitt said.

Porter said the race between him and DeWitt was a fair race.

“The people spoke for what they wanted,” Porter said. “If they would like Mr. DeWitt, then that is fine.”

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