Greenville plans to seek clawback from Greystone

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 1:39 pm on Thursday, September 06, 2012

GREENVILLE — The city of Greenville will seek about $10,927.19 from a clawback clause put into place with an agreement between the city and Greystone Printing Inc. — formerly Greenville Printing Co.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Greenville City Council approved a resolution requesting the revocation of industrial facilities exemption certificate number 2005-214 and 2007-469 for Greenville Printing.

City Manager George Bosanic explained the agreement is set for the company to invest in its facility in Greenville and create jobs for a certain amount of time — in this case, 12 years from 2005 —  in return, the company would see a relief in taxes.

Greystone Printing Inc. closed its Greenville facility in February of 2012.

“The city is very aggressive,” Bosanic said, noting this type of agreement precedes his time as city manager.

Because the company closed its doors, it owes $10,927.19 back to all taxing authorities including the city through the clawback. Bosanic said the city would collect these funds and disperse them to other tax authorities.

If Greystone Printing Inc. were to refuse to pay the clawback amount, Bosanic said the next step would be to resolve the issue in 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Stanton.

Councilman Mark Lehman asked about the status of the company.

“Did they completely go out of business or just close their doors in Greenville?” he asked.

Bosanic said the business consolidated to a facility in Grand Rapids and closed its doors in Greenville.


In other matters the City Council …

• Set a public hearing to receive comment on establishing an industrial facility district for Oct. 2.

• Set a public hearing to  receive comment on an industrial facilities tax exemption application for Oct. 2.

• Awarded a bid for the purchase and installation of a radio base station to Tel Rad Inc. of Grand Rapids for the amount not to exceed $7,700.

• Awarded a bid to purchase and install a computer server to Shoreline Inc. of Holland for the amount not to exceed $13,150.

• Acknowledged an opinion from the city attorney regarding a conflict of interest matter in connection with a facade grant application for downtown projects.

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