OUR VIEW: Election Day just 8 weeks away

By Daily News • Last Updated 9:56 am on Monday, September 10, 2012

Well, there it is. We sure hope you paid attention, because you have a job to do. While the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions are history, it ain’t over yet.

As for the country in general, the conventions were great shows, with plenty of quoteable quotes, grand stories and even some inter-party courtesies. There were emotional and sincere portrayals of real human conditions that need compassionate attention. But sometimes, the drama distorts and divides.

The post speech fact-checkers have begun their work and they are quick to say that we’ve been fed a  dose of smoke-and-mirror statistics, along with heaping doses history re-written. But such is the stuff of conventions. Getting caught up in the hoopla and a little contorting of reality are accepted traditions of the game.

These quadrennial exercises give the parties a chance to party and they let the rest of us see and hear a reflection of who we are, what we’ve become and what matters most:  to most of us.

Former President Bill Clinton made some intriguing statements about longterm debt, which presents a far greater danger to our future than we appear to understand. This is a challenge to both parties, since funding for public employee benefits (traditional Democrat strength) and tax cuts (demanded by the GOP tea partiers) are key constituent issues. We need straight answers from both sides.

Mr. Clinton’s presentation also made a number of complex issues understandable for more people. Those issues deserve bi-partisan commitment to resolve. We believe that most Americans who heard his words would like to hear a straightforward Republican response.

The polls are close, and we can take from these conventions that we, as Americans, are not that far apart in what we want for the country.

It’s fair to say that the Democratic party would advocate a large role for government to play in the nation’s economy, while Republicans would prefer more individual private sector initiatives. Democrats are saying we’re doing the right things; it’s just taking longer than we expected. Republicans are saying we’re headed in the wrong direction and we’re spending too much money doing it.

Who did (is doing) the better sales job? In the political struggle for votes, have some previously held heart-of-heart beliefs been dislodged?

Both sides must continue to clarify and refine their intentions for immigration policy, health care and fundamental fiscal responsibility.

We look forward to new ideas and inspirations related to job creation. We haven’t yet gotten much from either party along those lines.

Enjoy the commercials and the robocalls … it’s still eight weeks until Election Day.

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