S.H.E. Healthy tips: Vitamin filled foods keep women healthy during autumn

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 9:22 am on Wednesday, September 19, 2012




As the months are starting to get cooler, women tend to not spend as much time outside soaking up healthy vitamins from the sun.

But, women can still obtain the essential vitamins through their food choices.


Vitamin D

“Research has shown the lack of vitamin D can link to sicknesses such as the cold or flu,” said Jennifer Petersen, dietitian at United Lifestyles in Greenville.

Foods women should eat to obtain vitamin D include yogurt, milk and other dairy products.


Vitamin C

“Vitamin C helps bust the immune system,” Petersen said.

By eating citrus fruits and drinking juices, a women will obtain more vitamin C.



Another way to boost the immune system is by eating foods with higher levels of zinc.

“Zinc is found in meats, chicken, peanuts and peanut butter,” Petersen said for examples of ways to obtain zinc.

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