Hubbardston couple celebrates 60 years of marriage

By Lonnie Allen • Last Updated 3:07 pm on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Patrick and Agnes Cusack of Hubbardston sit in their living room with their dog, Lucky. The Cusacks celebrated 60 years of marriage on Sept. 13. — Daily News/Lonnie Allen

HUBBARDSTON — Patrick and Agnes Cusack were married on Sept. 13, 1952.

“My lucky day, the 13th,” Patrick said.

Agnes and Patrick have enjoyed each other’s company for six decades now.

“It goes by awful fast, I just can’t believe it has been 60 years,” Agnes said. “Where does the time go?”

Agnes met Patrick in Kalamazoo at his sister’s house. Patrick’s sister happened to be married to Agnes’ cousin.

“They were having a party,” Agnes recalled. “Her brother was home from the service and her sister was home from California and they decided to have a party.”

Agnes was on vacation with her mother from the Upper Peninsula and she was invited to the party. At age 32, Patrick did not mess around with waiting to ask Agnes out.

“That morning, he showed me around the farm and he proposed to me and I accepted,” she said. “The next day I got my diamond.”

The couple went to the Palladium in Crystal for a dance after they got engaged.

“Guy Lombardo announced our engagement that night during the dance,” Agnes recalled. “Crystal had some great dances and great bands. They were always packed in those days.”

The couple didn’t wait too long after the engagement to get married.

“We planned a two-year engagement and I took it down to six weeks,” Patrick said.

Agnes recalled how the wedding day conversations took place.
“We were planning on waiting another year, then six months and then we said we might as well get married next month and that is what we did,” she said.

They moved into the house that Patrick was born in.

“His mother left this house and moved to Ionia and then we moved in here,” Agnes said. “It is quite the family place.”

Patrick and Agnes had 10 children together. They lost one daughter in a car accident while she was in college.

“Losing a child leaves a void in your life,” Patrick observed.

Patrick and Agnes are still blessed with 24 grandchildren and one great-grandchild with another great-grandchild on the way.

Patrick formerly sold insurance and farmed while Agnes was a nurse with the Michigan Department of Corrections. The couple had the opportunity to travel a lot over their years, especially after Agnes retired in 1992. They love camping and seeing the country. They especially enjoyed visiting the state of Alaska.

“It is a lot like Michigan,” Patrick said. “Lots of trees and lakes and very scenic.”

The couple has also visited areas in South America and has taken cruises throughout the world. They have even visited Antarctica.

“It is really something, seeing the icebergs,” Agnes said. “It was a great trip.”

Patrick recalled their journey to the Antarctic as a chance to meet some of the people who were stationed there studying ice samples.

“The guys had a place made out of metal, the English have a place and other countries,” he said. “The ship anchored and these guys took a boat out to us and came aboard for dinner and told us they were drilling lots of holes. Real interesting people we met during our travels.”

On Sunday, Sept. 16, after morning Mass, the couple planned to enjoy coffee and snacks with members from their church in celebration of their anniversary.

“Any friends and relatives are welcome to come,” Agnes said.

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