S.H.E. Yoga poses

By Stacie Smith • Last Updated 9:21 am on Wednesday, September 19, 2012



The first is Superman, which calls for one to lie on the abdomen and outstretch arms with fingers pointing toward one direction, then outstretching legs with toes pointing in the opposite direction.

This is what is referred to as an active stretch as the muscles contract in order to maintain the proper form. It causes the lower back to arch as well.


Child’s Pose

The second position is a counter pose to Superman and is called Child’s Pose.

Rest the backside on the heels and rest the forehead on stacked hands. This is a relaxation pose as oppose to an active pose with all the muscles relaxing, placing the back in the opposition position as in Superman. Both of these positions can be adjusted according one’s flexibility, balance and strength. Demonstrating both poses is Christine, an instructor at Club Fitness.

Pictured are two variations of yoga poses that can be performed to help stretch and strengthen the back. 

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