OUR VIEW: Reynolds Township deserves better

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:10 am on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We’re not sure what’s going on with politics in Reynolds Township, but we do know the people who live there are getting the short end of the stick. And recent events with the Reynolds Township clerk position seem like high school all over again.

Last week, Clerk Tina Porzondek and Deputy Clerk Lisa Lambert  resigned their positions, effective immediately. Porzondek said she had accepted another job.

Porzondek was quoted as saying, “I’m not there anymore. I’m not the clerk. Robin Sholty is the clerk, if she accepts the position she was elected to and appointed to.”

What Porzondek was referring to is the fact that Sholty beat Porzondek in the August primary elections. In fact, residents came out in force in August and voted for a clean sweep of the entire current five-member Reynolds Township Board. Sholty will run uncontested in the Nov. 6 election.

In light of Porzondek’s resignation, Sholty was asked by township board members to accept an appointment to fill the clerk’s position until she is officially sworn in on Nov. 20, assuming she wins the upcoming election. Sholty declined the request stating she doesn’t want to work with a “hostile board.”

“They were voted in by the people and it’s unfortunate they can’t fulfill their term,” Sholty said. “Working with this current, hostile board? No thanks. I can’t believe what’s going on. It’s just unreal. The residents of Reynolds Township deserve better than that.”

She’s right. The people of Reynolds Township do deserve better. When a person is elected to do a job, they should do that job until their term is done – unless, of course, unforeseen circumstances arise. It’s wrong – immature, even – for a person who was elected by the people to quit with 68 days left in their term just because they didn’t win re-election or are miffed about how things are going.

That said, what’s done is done, for better or worse. What it means is that the township office is closed, the remaining board members will have to pick up the pieces as best they can and Montcalm County Clerk Kristen Millard is now having to spend her valuable time working with the state Bureau of Elections to figure out how to move forward in Reynolds Township with the Nov. 6 election.

Obviously, voters want a new direction and hopefully they’ll get that, starting with fresh faces in November. We think Sholty should put her political and personal feelings for the current board aside and accept the interim position as township clerk – for the people of Reynolds Township, if nothing else.

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