SHORT TAKES: Cooperative spirit a welcome change

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:21 am on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prospects for an orderly transition in Reynolds Township government appear to have improved when that township’s candidate for township clerk agreed to accept an immediate appointment to the position.

Robin Sholty, the unopposed candidate for the post in the upcoming Nov. 6 election was sworn in as clerk Friday, after having demurred earlier on the offer by township board members. Controversy and strained relations are no strangers to township politics, but it seems the players in Reynolds Township have taken the high road.

The cooperative spirit being exhibited by the group signifies respect for the office entrusted to them by their electors.

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As we move closer to the general election on Nov. 6, the battles of the ballot issues are generating more heat than some of the races for public office. We’re speaking again of the proposals that would rewrite our state constitution.

Some, if adopted, would make them far more difficult to dislodge than it is to vote a legislator out of office. Please be sure to read and understand what’s at stake on each of the questions.

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As if we don’t have enough challenges in the process of how we educate our children, the question of how our state colleges and universities allocate admission of in-state students and out-of-state students is becoming controversial.

Surely we must have a place for Michigan’s students, but we also want the best and brightest we can attract from anywhere. More importantly, we then want them to stay here in Michigan. Highly trained students are wanted by highly respected companies for high-paying jobs. That kind of cycle then makes for more effective schools, and lifts the standard of living in the state.

We need not fear out-of-state students in our colleges. They pay full-fare to be here, and they just could be the key to our state’s economic future.

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