SHORT TAKES: A show for a generation

In a show that was undoubtedly worthy of showing to all Americans who may not yet fully understand why we are the world’s leading nation, and just who and what it was that got us there, Belding’s marching band and the folks who put on the tribute to America’s Greatest Generation provided some answers last week.

The 108 Marching Redskins were hosts for a Michigan Competing Bands Associations program in front of a large crowd at Rudness Field. There were 10 high schools featured in the competition, all, especially Belding, deserving of the applause and gratitude of a country seeking to renew the spirit of a largely lost, but probably the greatest yet, generation of Americans.

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Still back in time … in today’s The Buzz you can read about the opening — 75 years ago — of the Continental Café in Greenville.

The Continental Café was located in the Hardy Hotel, an elegant building located about where Kemp’s Insurance is today. The Continental, in its earliest days, was undoubtedly a fine establishment. Greenville old-timers will remember the bar, particularly the back room, as “the swamp;” sadly reminiscent of its earlier elegance, but reduced to where neighbor Tim’s Café advertised in its sign, “No Beer.”

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Jump forward to last Wednesday’s presidential debate, where Republican challenger Mitt Romney looks to have scored big points over President Obama in the first face-to-face showdown between the two.

Whatever your personal leanings, the outing put a little fun into what arguably will be the most expensive political season the nation has ever seen. At least focus on the big picture has moved from incessantly talking heads and political party parroting to the next genuine head-to-head personal challenge in what could be the most transformational American election in modern history.

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This Thursday brings an equally intriguing face-off. The vice presidential debate will undoubtedly be a verbal slugfest between millionaire “middle class” Vice President Joe Biden and wannabe VP Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the guy who’s been accused of wanting to virtually rip up the Medicare cards of millions of Americans. That’s far from the truth; but maybe Thursday’s showdown will bring some truth … at least some clarity for us all … to the battle. More importantly, Americans should consider at least weigh these two with a view to who they’d want as president of their country, should the situation arise.

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