GUEST VIEW: Don’t stop the music

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:16 am on Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tom Pridgeon

Norice Thorlund Rasmussen

The Education Foundation of Greenville is very pleased to present “Don’t Stop the Music,” an OUR3 variety show that features Greenville High School alumni, current students, teachers and friends. The show will have more than 150 musicians and performers throughout the night with a grand finale that will have all performers on the stage and in the auditorium at one time. You don’t want to miss this outstanding event. Our many thanks to the performers volunteering their time and talents to the show.

“Don’t Stop the Music” is being brought to you as an OUR3 Performing Arts fundraiser.

Ruth Hansen said it best, “Most of us can’t imagine a world without music or the performing arts. Each day we listen to music on the radio, watch and listen to music on TV, listen and watch Youtube on our computer or Iphone. On weekends you sing in your church or synagogues and at sporting events … maybe even in your shower. You hear music at the movie, at the mall and in the elevators. In many ways we are surrounded by music.

“Without music this would be a dull, unhappy and even scary world — so we are asking you to keep music alive and well at Greenville Public Schools. Each and every one of our kids needs and deserves the opportunity to take part in choir, band or orchestra. Just as sports are important for our physical well-being, so music is important for our mental and emotional health.”

The OUR3 campaign is an effort by the Education Foundation of Greenville to create endowment funds to support the advanced and accelerated academic programs and the performing arts programs at the Greenville Public Schools. We all know that school budgets are in peril across this state. However, even before the current economic downturn, the schools were being asked to do more with less. We are seeing greater emphasis being placed on CORE curriculum and the state and federal dollars, while shrinking, are being earmarked toward that core.

The Education Foundation of Greenville believes that basic or core curriculum is important. But we also believe there is more to education than the core classes. Our performing arts programs have always been a point of community pride and are one of the areas in which Greenville attracts students. Instead of hoping that Lansing or Washington will fund these valued programs, the Education Foundation has decided to take responsibility locally, with the OUR3 campaign. So far to date, our community has raised over $256,000 for this performing arts fund alone.

We invite you to attend this very wonderful and entertaining event to be at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the Performing Arts Center in Greenville High School. Tickets are available at the door — $10 for adults, and $5 for students and seniors. Please join us for a musical night — I promise you will tap your toes, clap your hands and be really glad you went.

 Norice Thorlund Rasmussen and Tom Pridgeon are Education Foundation of Greenville board members

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