OUR VIEW: Let legislators do their job — vote no on 5

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:06 am on Monday, October 29, 2012

Proposal 5 is the one that would require a two-thirds supermajority of Michigan legislators agreeing to increase taxes.

We see this amendment as constitutional overreach that would not find accord with political or fiscal reality. There has in the past been a lack of compromise and collaboration in our state government; an impediment quite the opposite of what most of us desire. Michigan has begun to overcome that malady; and the credit goes to both sides of the political aisle.

This proposal is another attack on legislative prerogatives by way of constitutional tampering. It serves to handcuff legislative collaboration — call it deal-making if you wish — and allow a small minority to stifle the process.

As Gov. Snyder pointed out yesterday in his visit to Montcalm Community College, legislators must on occasion raise taxes in order to lower them somewhere else. The requirement to achieve a two-thirds majority vote in those and other cases could deadlock or defeat the legislative process.

We vote for people to lead and represent us in Lansing.  Let them do the job they were hired to do. If you don’t like it, vote ‘em out.

Let’s not further complicate what it takes to get more jobs and get more business done … in Michigan. We support a no vote on Proposition 5.

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