Independent hopes to hold on to office in Montcalm Township

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 2:06 pm on Monday, November 05, 2012

Michael Adams

Ron Trachet

MONTCALM TOWNSHIP — Ron Trachet, a Republican, is going up against incumbent Supervisor Michael Adams, an independent, for Montcalm Township supervisor Nov. 6.

Adams, who took office mid-term when his predecessor was recalled, said if he was re-elected he would make sure to keep his policy of involving township residents in decisions the board makes.

“I feel very strongly that the residents should be a part of the process,” Adams said. “I enjoy and value the opinions, questions and comments that the residents have to offer in our meetings.”

He stressed no one on the board is more important than others who live in the township.

Adams said although he has goals for the next four years, he is not looking to make any major changes.

“Things are going very well now,” he said. “We have made huge changes in our efficiency, accuracy and accessibility since I was elected. For the most part, I will just keep leading us in the positive direction that we are moving now.”

The most important thing to Adams about the supervisor position is building trust and respect between township residents and the board.

“The township has had enough (dysfunction),” Adams said. “We are on the right path and I will continue to do all that I can to keep us moving in that direction.”

Trachet, who has served as chairman of the Montcalm Township Fire Board for the last three years, wants to make sure he is available to the township residents if he is elected as supervisor.

“I feel if you can have access to a local township official who maintains regular hours, takes the time to listen to your concern and then lays out a plan to help you with your concern, we can impact our residents, who we work for, and make a positive, beneficial experience,” Trachet said.

He said he believes in being involved in the local community, which he has done by being a firefighter and an emergency medical technician for more than 22 years, along with being on the township’s fire board.

“In this capacity, I have been able to impact our community in very positive ways,” he said. “Running for township supervisor is another avenue that I feel I can serve my community.”

If elected, Trachet said he would still be consistent in his support for the fire department, fire board and elected board members.

“I believe we have highly qualified and dedicated candidates for the trustee positions,” Trachet said. “I would like to see them take a greater role with their new positions.”

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