OUR VIEW: Election is over, time to move forward

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:37 am on Thursday, November 08, 2012

We’re almost 48 hours post election and we now know who voters chose to run their local, state and national governments. At this point, whether your candidate won is a moot point.

We don’t want to see the debate about how specific campaigns were run dominate the conversation from here forward, but would like to register the hope that future candidates vow to take the high road — a cleaner, “this is what I believe in,” less costly and in-your-face, obtrusive approach than we’ve seen the past few months.

At the national level, voters opted to give President Barack Obama another four years and to keep the U.S. House under Republican control and the Senate under Democratic control. Things may look the same, but should not follow the status quo. We need to dig out from under our incredible debt and figure out how to balance this country’s budget. We need a crystal clear understanding — sooner rather than later — of what the healthcare overhaul that is looming for 2014 means for individuals and businesses starting as soon as January. We need a clear direction that will guide us toward a strong economy and a willing bipartisanship focused on doing what’s right for the people, even if it’s not necessarily what’s right for one political party or another.

At the local level, many faces remain the same. Incumbent leaders in our townships need to focus on continuing to streamline operations and budgets, as well as working collaboratively with adjacent governments to make it easy to conduct business here.

Our county commissioners will face a number of issues most of which likely will revolve around their dwindling budget. Some difficult decisions need to be made, but we know the entire board — no matter their party — is focused on making smart choices that are best for the folks that live here.

At the state level, we want our representatives to continue moving Michigan forward and to keep working to create a more business-friendly environment. They’ve accomplished a lot during the past two years and we like the direction the state is headed. Perhaps Washington needs to look to individual states, like Michigan, and their representatives as an example of how to get things done.

Elections provide all levels of government with an opportunity to truly make a difference. We’ve heard a lot of promises being made during this campaign season. Now it’s time for our politicians to roll up their sleeves and get to work — on problems that need to be solved today, not the next election, which is only 24 months away.

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