Greenville police looking for man who snatched purse

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 8:22 pm on Wednesday, December 05, 2012

GREENVILLE — The Greenville Department of Public Safety is searching for a young man who attacked an elderly Greenville woman and stole her purse this afternoon.

At about 2 p.m., the woman was exiting her car in the back parking lot of O’Conner’s Shoes in Greenville when she noticed a young man.

According to Greenville Department of Public Safety Director Michael Pousak, the woman thought the man looked suspicious, but she went on her way to go into O’Conner’s Shoes from the parking lot.

“Just as she opened the door, the suspect ran up to her and grabbed her purse,” Pousak said. “Her hand was scraped up from him violently tugging the purse.”

Pousak said an employee from Huckleberry’s Restaurant witnessed the crime and took off after the suspect who ran northeast, but lost the suspect by the Greenville trail.

“He was described as wearing a dark coat with a hood, white, male in his 20s and wearing jeans,” said Pousak, noting the description was not much to go by.

The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office offered their K-9 dog to search the area and tracked the suspect down the trail. However, the dog lost the man’s scent.

“We do not have a suspect at this time,” Pousak said.

Pousak said this is not a common crime in Greenville, as this is the first one he has heard of since starting the position last spring.

Because of the holiday season – a typical time for people to carry more money – people should be cautious of others around them.

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