SHORT TAKES: Snow, Pops concert are sure signs of winter

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:29 am on Monday, December 10, 2012

Mother Nature’s fluffy white weekend introduction to this year’s winter snows was her way of reminding us it’s almost time for Greenville’s annual Holiday Pops Concert. Wednesday is the big night; 7:30 p.m. is the time.

It’s customary to have a storm on that night, although this year the weatherman is predicting rather pleasant, mild weather. Inside Greenville High School’s Performing Arts Center the atmosphere will indeed be way above pleasant, as the Grand Rapids Symphony and associated conductor John Varineau once again visit Greenville to celebrate an evening of the season’s musical favorites.

The concert is sponsored annually by Stafford Media Solutions and The Daily News and is in its 13th year. All proceeds from the concert go to the Education Foundation of Greenville, in turn making possible grants for students to attend camps and workshops. Tickets are $15, and can be purchased at The Daily News, 109 N. Lafayette St. in Greenville.

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Just when we thought there might be a reprieve from constant political badgering and battles, right-to-work legislation was launched in Lansing. This is no small matter, and judging from the immediate hoards of protesters descending on that city last week, it’s likely to be a raucous time. Quick and effective action by security forces and Michigan State Police managed to prevent serious damage to people and property, but the battle has only begun. Tuesday could be a seismic day, because legislation could be finalized then.

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 Is there some celestial connection with a right-to-work law being posed in Michigan and the predicted end of the world in 11 days on the first day of winter, Dec. 21? It may seem that way for some folks: Michigan has been a union stronghold for four generations, and that strength was built by legendary figures like Leonard Woodcock, Mildred Jeffrey, Owen Bieber, Billie Farnum, Doug Fraser, James Hoffa, Dominic Jacobetti and Walter Reuther. The simple realities of global economics and the aspirations of workers everywhere may point to a new role for the unions they fostered. The changing times are establishing new paradigms for all U.S. and world competition for jobs.

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The end of the world warning stems from an ancient Mayan calendar that ends on 12/21/12. A planet named Nibiru is supposedly headed for a collision with Earth, but at this relatively late date it hasn’t yet been spotted. Actually, it was supposed to happen in 2003, but when it failed to arrive, the projected date was moved ahead to this year. NASA says it won’t be happening; but if you have concerns about it, bear in mind if it does, the arrival of winter won’t be a problem.

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