MEETING IN BRIEF: Oakfield Township Board

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:18 am on Thursday, December 20, 2012

Name of board: Oakfield Township Board

Meeting date: Nov. 13.

Reporting official: Clerk Brooke Mauric.

Action items:

1. Approved regular meeting minutes for Oct. 9.

2. Approved election commission minutes for Oct. 9.

3. Approved the report of fund balance for October.

4. Emended budget No. 000-699 for $1,289.68 transfers in to other funds.

5. Approved general fund expenditures for the month of November in the amount of $41,118.39.

6. Approved sewer fund expenditures for the month of November in the amount of $1,218.47.

7. Approved to cancel the planning commission meeting.

8. Approved the 2013 road projects.

9. Tabled the solid waste management plan amendment until next board meeting.

10. Accepted a bid for cemetery maintenance from Grass Guru in the amount of $7,999.98.

Discussion items:

1. Received reports from the fire department, planning commission, board of zoning appeals and zoning administrator.

2. The owners of the Carol Hagen property have complied with the health department.

3. Anyone with information about abandoned buildings should give it to Supervisor Greg Dean as he is looking into a grant program.

4. Current PBM wireless phone tower will be making updates.

5. The township received $75,173 in revenue sharing for the months of July and August — about $3,000 more than last year.

6. The board was not interested in developing a fireworks ordinance at this time.

7. There was a 68 percent voter turnout at the township.

8. A new addition to the township hall was discussed. The possible new addition would be an extension of the truck bays; it would benefit the Fire Department by providing a training area and would also house the grass rig in the winter, during winter elections it would keep all precincts at Oakfield Township and keep fire trucks from being moved to various locations on election days where they could freeze during winter months, also adding onto the building would be less expensive than building another building.

9. Clerk Brooke Mauric would like trustees to take new oath of office on Nov. 21. Dean checked on surplus land for sale from DNR and requested Mauric to check website for land available in the township.

10. Al Evink informed Dean current Scram Lake equipment will work after Verizon makes changes in December. Three systems on Scram Lake will be replaced instead of four.

11. Jim Brown said township should not be affected by Obama Care.

12. Residents need to put their names when filling zoning complaints.

Members present: Supervisor Greg Dean, Clerk Brooke Mauric, Treasurer Larry Parker and trustees Bryan Porter, Roger Mason, Ken Rittersdorf and Chad Sowerby.

Next meeting: 7 p.m. Jan. 8

For more information: Call Clerk  Brooke Mauric at (616) 754-5679

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