Former Trufant woman’s forgotten picture winds up as stock photo

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 10:04 am on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Former Trufant resident and 1962 Lakeview High School graduate Lynne Andrews-Britt, third from left, is featured in this stock photo from Metro Creative Graphics. The photo, which Andrews-Britt says she cannot remember, appeared in a recent Young at Heart special section of the Daily News. — Courtesy photo

When you’ve lived a life as rich and full as former Trufant resident Lynne Andrews-Britt, chances are you’re going to forget a thing or two along the way. Memory, like elusive mercury freed from a thermometer, has a way of slipping from our grasp just when we’d most like to hang onto it.

Such is the case for Andrews-Britt, whose photo appeared in the Daily News’ Jan. 12 Young at Heart feature section. The photo, which portrays four young women exercising, was most likely taken in the late 1950s or early ‘60s and was supplied by Metro Creative Graphics, a stock photo service used by newspapers across the country.

How Metro wound up with her photo, Andrews-Britt has no clue. Her sister, Jean McLaughlin, who resides in Belding, first noticed the photo and the striking resemblance it bore to Andrews-Britt.

“I looked at the photo and said to my daughter, ‘Who does this look like?’” said McLaughlin. “She said it looked just like Aunt Lynne.”

McLaughlin clipped the picture and mailed it to Andrews-Britt, who has for many years lived with her husband, Charles Britt, in North Carolina, and has the accent to prove it.

The resemblance to her high school aged self is striking, Andrews-Britt said, but she has no recollection of the photo being taken, nor can she remember any of the other girls featured in the shot.

“I just can’t think of where that might have been taken,” she said. “But that’s me. My hair still looks the same, like it wants to do its own thing.”

Andrews-Britt graduated from Lakeview High School in 1962, but said it’s unlikely the photo was taken there, since the girls pictured are all wearing uniform dresses and exercising outside.

Since then, a lot has happened in her life. A year out of high school, Andrews married Charles Britt, who was serving in the military. The couple moved to Florida.

While in Florida, Andrews-Britt took some nursing classes while her husband served in Vietnam. The mysterious photo might have been taken while in Florida, she said.

“It’s the only place I can think of where I might have been wearing a uniform like that,” Andrews-Britt said.

From there, the couple moved to North Carolina, where they recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Andrews-Britt is hoping one of the other girls pictured in the photo will recognize the shot and contact her or the newspaper.

“It would be nice to know where that came from,” she said.

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