CC-C school board discusses school safety

By Lonnie Allen • Last Updated 1:56 pm on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CARSON CITY — School safety dominated the roundtable discussion at the Carson City-Crystal Area Schools Board of Education meeting on Jan. 14.

The discussion was in part because of recent committee meetings and group and individual inputs in response to the Newtown school tragedy.

“I mentioned it in a subcommittee meeting,” Superintendent Kevin Murphy said. “We had a different topic of discussion and I brought this (safety) up to get a conversation going and see where people are on the topic.”

Murphy wants a response plan that has wide community input before making any recommendations to the board.

“Instead of this being an one-person decision or eight-person board decision we would like to here from our community first,” Murphy said.

Board President Tom Wilcox said the next step is to survey staff. Murphy is planning on meeting with faculty and staff before the end of January and hear what they have to say about school safety.

Currently the security cameras and single entry point doors are in place at each school location.

“Our district is at the gathering stage right now to seek the best policy for our community and the safety of our school children,” Board Vice President Ben Adkins said.

This meeting was the start of what will continue to be a lengthy discussion with community members, board members and school staff.

“The roundtable discussion during the school board was the starting point,” Adkins said. “So we could have talking points that each board member could take to the community.”

Viewpoints vary and each board member can get a diverse sample from CC-C school district.

“It is the best way in my opinion to seek input on what our community feels is the best direction to take in keeping the students of Carson City-Crystal schools safe,” Adkins said.

A single plan may not be the complete answer for all districts.

“I feel that the same program will not work for all districts across the nation,” Adkins said. “School districts are diverse whether urban or rural district each district should seek a policy the works best for keeping the children safe.”

As the discussion moves forward Murphy wanted the public to know that he and school board are ready to listen to them.

“What we are looking for is wide community input on what we should be looking at to address current school safety,” Murphy said. “There are many viewpoints out there and we don’t want to rush into any one plan.”

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