SHORT TAKES: Winter weather means precious water

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:56 am on Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome to winter! After a rare year’s suspending of the hoary blasts of Michigan winters, we seem to have returned to at least a reflection of winters past, albeit in a still yet milder form.

In winter, many folks enjoy or perhaps sentimentally reminisce about the snow and the cold. We’ll wager not many like the seemingly endless days of cloudy grey skies. But we modern mortals, as with those before us, are charged to endure; and we have now reached 41 percent of the winter solstice. As you endure the remaining 59 percent of the season, bear in mind that water is precious.

With each shoveling of the snows to come, try to remember how much the inevitably melted precipitation means to our lakes and streams — and rejoice!

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It looks like we’re getting our money’s worth with this area’s Michigan legislators.

Sen. Judy Emmons and Rep. Rick Outman were leaders in the Senate and House respectively in voting attendance in 2012’s Michigan government. Sen. Emmons was given a perfect voting record in the Senate, while Rep. Outman’s record in the House, also perfect, was one of only 5 West Michigan legislators reaching that level.

Congratulations to you both; and keep up the great work!

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 Here’s one cost of living bump that has probably sneaked up on millions of us.

It seems that starting today stores can start charging a 1 to 4 percent surcharge on purchases made with credit cards. Undoubtedly, there’ll be many variations on the application, but this new entry will certainly affect the credit card reward business.

If the added tariff you pay cancels out your card point’s reward, the cardholders who pay their balance in full will look elsewhere for rewards. In any case, “surcharge” is always just one more uptick to the bottom line. Before long your bill at the supermarket could be as unintelligible as your hospital statement.


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