Forest View Planned Unit Development (PUD) ideas discussed

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 11:06 am on Friday, February 15, 2013

GREENVILLE — The Greenville Planning Commission discussed the future of the Forest View planned unit development (PUD) with the new owner Thursday night.
Greenville resident Mark Lehman became the new owner of a portion of the Forest View area through the sale of a property tax auction held last year.

Before bringing in investors, Lehman wanted to work with the city and discuss what would be considered for approval on the lots.

Greenville Assistant City Manager Cameron Van Wyngarden said the previous owner of the properties underwent significant turmoil since 2004, when the Planning Commission first approved the PUD.

Incidents included half-completed residential construction, incomplete infrastructure, bankruptcy of the company and the sale of the property at the tax auction by multiple buyers.

“These events over the past nine years have led to the current situation where the project remains only partially completed and new owners have stepped in to restart the project,” Van Wyngarden said to the commissioners.

Lehman put together a brief site plan for a general idea of what he would like to do to the property.

Some of the changes include changing duplex sites to single-family homes or duplex lots, along with changing the amount of homes in the area.

Lehman would also like to change the townhouse ideas into single-family lots and decreased the amount to 21.

Other items Lehman would like to change are street layouts, street names, setbacks and more.

“I like this plan a lot better then the plan that is currently there,” Planning Commissioner Dale Reyburn said. “When the original plan came to us, I wasn’t really a fan. This plan is way preferable.”

There are some details that need to be worked out, however.

Many people came to the public hearing on Thursday to discuss their concerns with the lack of detail.

Julie Anderson, a homeowner of a condominium on Trail View Drive, came to the public hearing as a member of the condominium’s association.

She stated the association has many concerns about the new developer and wants questions answered about the lack of detail provided by Lehman.

“Our main concern as current residents is how this is going to affect us in the future,” Anderson said.

Currently, the PUD where residents are living has been functioning as a group to get things done and keep the same image.

The residents also pay fees to make sure items such as their lawns are mowed and put together for the image the homeowners bought into.

Anderson said the lawns are just one concern with the new site plan ideas. There are many other regulations the residents follow that were put into place when they bought their homes. Anderson said she hopes the new developments will be the same as theirs.

“Clarification would be something we would like as current residents of the area,” Anderson said.

Because members of the Planning Commission were absent, the commissioners decided to table the decision on the site ideas until the next meeting so all members could have input.

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