Carson City Council to put ordinances online

By Lori Hansen • Last Updated 2:21 pm on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CARSON CITY — Carson City residents will be able to see the municipality’s ordinances with a click of a mouse, thanks to the City Council approving codification at their meeting Tuesday night.

With a 6-0 approval — Mayor Bruce Tasker was absent — the council approved spending $9,985 initial costs to get the 60-plus ordinances cleaned up and converted to an online version.

“Ordinance codification is something we must do every 10 years and is the process of collecting, organizing and cleaning up the ordinances,” City Administrator Mark Borden said. “The nuts and bolts of it is they will do this for us.”

“American Legal has done the same thing for Fowler and Mount Pleasant and they have been very pleased with the results,” he added.

Councilwoman Pam Pelz said two other companies were considered.

“Their costs were similar, but their process was not very user-friendly and did not look so good,” she said.

Mayor Pro Tem Neil Kapustka asked if the program would be easier and more efficient for the city office employees. City Controller Staci Steere would help them and make it easier for residents to look at the ordinances on line rather than the cumbersome binders that are now used to hold hard copies.

In other matters, three teenagers were recognized for their valor in helping a elderly resident.

Carson City brothers Jesse Moon, 18, and James Moon, 16, and Alex Seal, 17, of Grand Ledge, were presented certificate awards by officer Cheryl Houser.

“We were out shoveling snow, trying to earn some money, but not doing very well when we decided to try a few more places,” James Moon said.

James went to one house and the other two went next door. James knocked, but he didn’t get an answer.

“I thought I heard someone say ‘help,’ though it was really faint,” he said.

James then saw the resident of the house, an 89-year old woman, laying on the floor. He went to help her as the other two quickly called 911.

“She had fallen down the steps and had already laid there about an hour,” James said. “It took another half-hour for the EMTs to come.”

“We could have easily missed her,” Alex Seal said. “We hadn’t been doing very good and decided to try a few more places before we went home.”

“We would like to commend these three young men for the great job they did,” Police Chief Bruce Partridge said.

From left, James Moon, 16, Alex Seal, 17, Jesse Moon, 18, along with officer Cheryl Houser, were given commendations by or their assistance in helping an elderly citizen.

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