OUR VIEW: Appreciate our governor’s leadership

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:13 pm on Friday, March 08, 2013

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the gubernatorial leadership we have in Michigan these days.

We understand that there are people who feel their interests aren’t served by Gov. Rick Snyder, but we’ll say with certainty that he represents a kind of real world experience-based apolitical guidance we haven’t seen in a long, long while in that office.

He is beholden to no particular political, union or financial consortium. While he may be guided by certain beliefs that conform to his ideals, he has shown that he’s not “owned” by any special interests. His Republican colleagues often disagree with him. That, too, gives us solace.

So what? He’s already proven himself as an accomplished businessman, with a personal wealth that enables him to eschew the typical political treadmill.

Rick Snyder has succeeded like no other Michigan governor in recent times in emancipating Michigan’s economic, political and labor attitudes from the 1950s “we’ll be prosperous forever” fantasy. He’s helping us understand that the great achievements of labor unions and compliant politicians of the past, while effective in their time, are not proving effective in the 2013 global economy.

He’s shown a willingness to move beyond those differences. He has also withstood a multimillion dollar attack from the Ambassador Bridge interests in spite of self-serving opposition from his own party. His crusade has not brought comfort to the assorted groups who were benefitting from the open checkbook of previous state leadership. The major message here is Michigan citizens who may have been skeptical in the past are realizing that the man is unselfishly on the side of making Michigan a more stable state in which to invest, and in which to be living.

The clearest indication to date on how well he has managed the state of our state is the apparent dearth of politicians interested in challenging him for re-election. There will be opposition, however, and it will be interesting to see how they attack the audacity of his refusal to spend money we simply don’t have.

If he continues to stabilize state finances and to reform school funding so that new money actually reaches the classroom, challengers for Snyder’s seat will have a prodigious job detailing how they would follow his act.

There’s much work still to be done. Jobs remain Job No. 1. Roads are a driving challenge. Need we mention Detroit? Given the extremity of the obstacles ahead, if one tough nerd can nail one or two of those three this year he’s a sure bet to finish the job.

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