Extension of Yellow Jacket Drive to start soon

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:38 am on Wednesday, April 03, 2013

GREENVILLE — Spring-like weather is here and construction on extending Yellow Jacket Drive is about to take place.

However, some changes are being made to the plan that allows the city of Greenville to be reimbursed for engineering costs, while Montcalm Community College will pay a little more.

During Tuesday night’s Greenville City Council meeting, the council approved a grant agreement and contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for the construction of Yellow Jacket Drive.

According to Assistant City Manager Cameron Van Wyngarden, the city used its engineer Doug Hinken to develop the design for the extension of the drive, which saved cost for the project. Because of this, MDOT is giving the city a grant to cover the costs.

“MDOT will reimburse us for the cost through a grant in the amount of $10,000,” Van Wyngarden said, noting the fact Hinken had already done the work on the design.

The city, MCC, Greenville Public Schools and local officials have been working together to get the road extended to run between MCC and the high school. Yellow Jacket Drive will be extended from its current location, curve around the new parking lot by the newly developed MCC building in Greenville and connect to Hillcrest Street.

However, the planning has changed slightly, adding additional sidewalk work that went above and beyond the scope of the project, according to Van Wyngarden.

The additional cost of the project will be $10,700, which MCC has agreed to pay.

“We have received a contract for the construction of Yellow Jacket Drive in the amount not to exceed $190,000,” Van Wyngarden said, noting that with the match of $10,700, the contract will total $200,700.

In the agreement, $10,700 will be transferred from MCC to MDOT through the city of Greenville as it is acting as the judiciary in the contract.

Van Wyngarden said bidding should begin soon on the project through MDOT.

MCC Vice President Jim Lantz said at the February Board of Trustees meeting that the construction is planned to begin in May and be completed by end of June.

In other matters …

The Greenville City Council approved:

• The fiscal year 2014 transit operating assistant grant.

• Designating City Manager George Bosanic as signatory for documents related to Greenville Transit agreements with the MDOT.

• The extension of the current waste hauling contract with Synagro Central LLC of Houston, Texas, in the amount of $0.0313 per gallon biosolids management and $500 per hour for confined space work.

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