SHORT TAKES: It’s Michigan vs. Louisville for the title

By Daily News • Last Updated 4:34 pm on Monday, April 08, 2013

Well, the No. 9-seeded Wichita State Shockers only nearly shocked as they stayed with Louisville all the way in their NCAA Basketball final four semifinal challenge.

Alas, for the cinderella Shockers, it will be No. 1-seeded Louisville facing fourth seed Michigan. The Wolverines won 61-56 in a barn burner that was in doubt to the last few seconds. Michigan and Louisville will face off in tonight’s 9 p.m. NCAA National Championship game.

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Back here at home, for those who know Bill Braman, it’s a fantastic feeling to know that a big, big man who has given so much to this community and its people has once again stepped in to give a major hand up to the people of this area.

The beautiful new Braman Center for Education addition to the Montcalm Community College campus in Greenville is a very special legacy for what he and his family have brought to our community.

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While it’s sad to see Belding’s big tower and the rest of an historical industrial complex reduced to rubble; the same is happening across the country, and it happened 7 miles north in Greenville. The promise of the city’s central intersection becoming park land as a result is worth years of hand-wringing and wondering about a dangerously crumbling property. And for the city, so far, the price is right.

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There is legislation pending in Lansing relative to public sector sick leave pay in Michigan. Most employers and fellow employees do not like the idea of sick people coming to work beside them. But production falters when productive people are out sick. The topic would seem to be a no-brainer, except that some people, without adequate sick leave compensation, must come to work simply because they really need the money.

But sick leave is fair only when limited to an immediate medical situation. Under no circumstances should the unused benefits become a retirement payout.

The pending legislative question relates to absurd payouts going to retiring public employees who have somehow managed to accumulate small fortunes in “unused sick leave.” Michigan citizens cannot afford to continue to pay out huge additional retirement subsidies for public sick leave. That was never the intent of the benefit. Sick leave should be an insurance against lost wages. Nothing more.

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