MCC tuition rates increase by 4 percent

By Cory Smith • Last Updated 9:44 am on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SIDNEY — When students attend Montcalm Community College this fall, they’ll now be doing so at a higher cost than what has been paid in previous years.

On Tuesday evening, the MCC Board of Trustees voted unanimously to increase tuition rates at the college by approximately 4 percent, beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, an effort that President Robert Ferrentino says will help keep tuition at the school near the statewide average.

“We try always to keep our tuition rates as low as we can possibly keep them,” he said. “It’s roughly a 4 percent increase. That will do some good toward getting us toward the average. That’s where we strive to stay, in the middle of the road, in regards to tuition.”

The raise in tuition is a measure to help balance the college budget and is a process that most community colleges in Michigan are undertaking at this time, according to Vice President for Administrative Services James Lantz.

“Preliminary indications are that other Michigan community colleges will be raising tuition by at least 3 percent for 2013-2014,” he said.

Lantz provided data to the board that showed that recent surveys show MCC’s current tuition rates are 2.3 percent below the state average and total charges per contact hour (tuition and fees) are 1.5 percent below the state average.

Ferrentino said he is confident that with the tuition increase, along with reports from the initial fiscal budget, that the school will see a balanced budget.

“As we’ve looked at revenues for the coming year and our initial budgeting process, I think we’ve done quite well of getting to an initial balance for our budget for next year,” he said.

Students who attend the college in-district will see their rate increase from $87 to $91 per credit hour.

Out-of-district student rates will increase from $164 to $171.

Out-of-state rates will increase from $244 to $254 and the correspondence rate will increase from $223 to $232.

In 2012, rates were increased from 5 percent for in-district students and 7 percent for out-of-district students.

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