Montcalm Township to improve roads

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:11 am on Thursday, April 11, 2013

MONTCALM TOWNSHIP — The Montcalm Township Board has been keeping a close eye on its budget to save money to improve the roads.

This year, it paid off.

Supervisor Michael Adams said the township has saved enough money to have $175,000 to improve the some of the roads throughout the township.

During his first year as supervisor – three years ago – the board only had $40,000 in the fund. Last year it increased to $105,000, according to Adams.

“We have been keeping a close eye on the budget and working efficiently,” said Adams, noting they recently replaced the flooring at the township hall using volunteers and saving thousand on installation.

During the Montcalm Township Board meeting Wednesday night, Adams said he asked Road Commission for Montcalm County Director Mark Christensen for proposals on road projects the township could do within their budget. Over 200 plans were submitted.

“I tried to come up with the best plan of action for this year,” said Adams, noting he picked eight projects totaling just under $145,000 that fit into the budget. “This leaves a 10 percent cushion, which leaves us sitting good.”

The proposed projects include:

• Machine wedge and seal Dickerson Lake Road starting a half mile east of Satterlee Road then east to first curve (about one mile), which is a shared cost with Pine Township — $10,992.

• Crush, shape and pave on Colby Road from Fitzner Road to Vining Road (about a half mile long by 22 feet wide) — $51,244.

• Machine wedge and seal Wise Road from Johnson Road to West County Line (about a half mile), which is a shared cost with Eureka Township — $5,867.

• Machine wedge and seal Fitzner Road from Sidney Road to Holland Lake Road (about one mile) — $30,864.

• Machine wedge and seal Colby Road from M-91 to • Gravel resurface Ferris Road from Peck Road to Wise Road (about a half mile), which is a split cost with Sidney Township — $2,953.

• Purchase crack-seal emulsion to be applied by private contractor — $8,856.

• Spot gravel where needed on local roads in the township — $8,055.

“We have worked hard,” said Clerk Carol Rosebrook about getting a budget to improve roads for the township.

Trustee Steve Sprague agreed stating he is glad to see this happen.

“I am happy to be moving forward,” he said.

After presenting the proposed road projects, the board received feedback from residents about other possible areas where roads have become horrible to drive on because of weather.

The board took the suggestions into consideration and decided to postpone the vote until the next meeting to see what the roads look like after the early spring weather.

“We don’t have to vote on it this month, but we have to next month,” Adams said.


In other business, the board approved to …

• Appoint Clif Dickinson as temporary liquor inspector, until they are able to make contact with the current inspector.

• Have township clean-up day be from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 8.

• Extend a lawn care agreement.

• Have three participants take an online grant-writing class.

• Purchase air and power monitoring systems for fire engines through the new equipment millage request.

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