Supervisor appointed in Eureka Township

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 1:36 pm on Monday, April 15, 2013

The Eureka Township Board held a special meeting Thursday night to appoint a supervisor to the township.


EUREKA TOWNSHIP — A special Eureka Township Board meeting was held Thursday night to rectify incorrect wording in the minutes of a motion made at Monday night’s meeting.

Clerk Linda Ruwersma provided The Daily News with a draft of unapproved minutes after Tuesday’s meeting. According to those minutes, “Trustee Posekany moved with a second by Trustee Pendrick to accept the resignation of Laura Shears who stepped down as Township Supervisor in December 2012 because of medical issues. She has now moved from the Township and is no longer a Township resident. Those appointed as Interim Supervisor (Rod Roy), Trustee (Marty Posekany), and Planning Commission Member (Duane Putnam) will continue in permanently appointed positions until the appointment is up or until the next General Election term begins, which is Nov. 20, 2014. Ayes: 7. Nays: 0. Motion carried.”

After learning a special meeting had been scheduled for Thursday to appoint a supervisor, The Daily News attempted to clarify the wording of the motion to determine whether a supervisor had actually been appointed. Ruwersma told The Daily News she does not write township board motions “verbatim” as it is difficult to keep up with conversations amongst township board members.

Posekany told The Daily News his motion was to approve Shears’ resignation and had nothing to do with appointing a supervisor or anyone else.

Posekany moderated Thursday’s special meeting, as the township was without a supervisor until after the special meeting.

“The reason this special meeting was called, was because two trustees – me being one of them – at Monday night’s meeting after Rod read the letter that was submitted by Laura Shears for her resignation due to the selling of her property in the township and no longer being a resident, I’m the one that made a motion that we support and accept that letter of resignation,” said Posekany during Thursday’s meeting. “Apparently — I don’t recall — after that some other stuff got thrown in there and we need to treat that as a separate motion. Right now we don’t have a township supervisor. The purpose of this special meeting is to appoint a township supervisor.”

Shears went on medical leave as supervisor on Dec. 10, just five days after an election recount against challenger Les Lillie. Shears received 921 votes to

Lillie’s 902 votes in November’s election. The recount gave Lillie one additional vote.

Shears wrote a letter of resignation dated March 7, but the board didn’t accept her resignation until Monday’s meeting. Shears’ letter of resignation stated the letter was “personal and confidential.”

“This letter is very hard for me to write, but as the director of my doctor, he has asked me to take a permanent medical leave of absence from my position as supervisor of Eureka Charter Township,” the letter stated. “I have enjoyed working with each and everyone of you in the past, and look forward to you making the right choice for the future of the township. Rod is now the deputy supervisor. He will continue in that position if he is willing to do so, and if he is willing to run in the next election. I wish the township the best in the future.”

During Thursday’s special meeting, Treasurer Cindy Hanson and Trustee Brad Kelley both said they were contacted by residents inquiring about whether the position for  supervisor would be advertised.

Trustee Jeremy Austin said board members checked with the Michigan Township Association and posting the job is not something they have to do.

Board members decided to move forward with appointing  Roy because they believe he has handled the position well so far.

“He came right up and filled the position,” Austin said. “He has more than stepped up to the plate.”

Board members voted 5-0 to approve Roy as supervisor.

Trustee Elaine Pendrick was absent from Thursday’s meeting and Roy abstained from voting.

Roy will serve as supervisor until the next even year general election.

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