GUEST VIEW: Check out GHS facility at Spring Fling

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:32 am on Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest View | Ken Poor

On Saturday, Greenville High School will host the Spring Fling for Women, which is being organized by The Daily News.

During this event, the Food and Nutrition Services Department at GHS also will be showcasing to the Greenville Community our new cafeteria. We will be offering a lunch service very similar to what is offered to our students on a daily basis.

This year has seen many changes, not just to the facility, but to the menu as well. New nutritional guidelines, announced in 2012, require public school lunchrooms to offer more whole grains, low-fat milk and fewer starchy sides like french fries. The new guidelines have also placed an emphasis on serving more fresh fruits and vegetables and a reduction in calories, saturated fat and sodium.

The Food and Nutrition Services department has worked diligently to meet the new standards and still provide a satisfying, attractive and tasty meal for the students. The new cafeteria has incorporated a magnificent salad bar full of fresh choices, as well as a sandwich bar that allows the students to choose what items they would like to include in their meal. While meeting the new guidelines has, at times, been challenging, I believe we are starting to discover the students likes and dislikes in regards to the new regulations, and we are creating menus that are becoming more and more accepted by the students. Every day I am seeing more fresh fruits and vegetables being chosen by the students, and the use of whole grain products is quickly becoming accepted.

The new regulations have required us to re-think our menus. As we have come up with healthier menus, we have also had to adjust to what is acceptable to the students. Some things we have tried have not worked — fish day, for example — and some of the changes have gone over extremely well — such as our whole grain pizza. This continues to be an ongoing experiment to find menu items that fit the new regulations and the students’ preferences.

Our new facilities have given us the opportunity to create a wonderful environment. If you have not yet seen the new servery, you should make it a point to stop by during the Spring Fling for Women and check it out. During this event we will open our sandwich bar, pizza bar and our incredible salad bar. These are three areas that have proven to be very popular with the students. We will offer some of the same meals we would sell during the regular school day, so that you can come in and see exactly how we are feeding the students at GHS.

I hope you will take this opportunity on Saturday to come in and see this incredible facility and also sample the new menu at the high school. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ken Poor is the director of Food and Nutrition Services at Greenville Public Schools.

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