ED GILBERT: Trout season opener not the best

By Bruce Bentley • Last Updated 9:57 am on Monday, May 06, 2013

Once again Mom Nature played tricks on the Michigan general trout season opener.

Saturday’s opening day on the rivers and streams found dark water, with silt an sand flowing heavily in many areas of inland waters. Sort of makes one wonder how a trout could even see one’s lure or bait, let alone be in a position to scarf it in.

Regardless, I and a fishing friend traveled up to one of my usual haunts, the main stream and tributaries of the Pere Marquette River. We traveled about, looking for an area of clear water, but there was little to be found.

Those who somewhat know the area may recognize a spot or two as I mention them. We fished on the Baldwin River, the Middle Branch and Little South Branch, at The Forks near the Wagon Wheel camping area, and several other spots, with little success.

We each landed one trout, one a brown trout and the other a rainbow, and released them both.

In our travels we found that other fishers were having about as much success as ours, as one guy had caught two nice rainbow trout while most others had landed none.

This was not unusual for opening day on the last Saturday of April. We’ve had a lot of in-climate weather over the years, with rain, freezing weather, and six inches of snow on the ground on some years…Ah. but remember that this is Michigan, where one can go swimming, skiing, or even snowmobiling on almost any given day!

Ah, but warmer weather is coming, and fishing in the streams will pick up. Also, in a week or so we may see some better weather, when fish will come out from under the banks and other cover and there will be fewer fishers than on the opening weekend.

Disregarding fishing for the moment, some other outdoor items are either here or about to take place.

For example, the spring wild turkey season is ongoing, and I’ve heard some real success stories about getting big gobblers. Also, a Ducks Unlimited banquet is slated for this weekend, and I understand that our local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is staging a special ‘Wheelin’ Hunt’ as well.

So summer is coming on with lots of activities slated for those of the out-of-doors persuasion. Actually, so much fishing and hunting that one doesn’t really know where to start! But whatever your choice, enjoy it and even get someone else involved if you can. We need to continue Michigan’s great hunting and fishing heritage.

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