BUSINESS BEAT: Greenville’s coffee house reopens under new ownership

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 12:33 pm on Friday, May 17, 2013

Jessica Riste, who served for the past 10 years as assistant manager at Julie’s Coffee House, at 6722 S. Greenville Road in Greenville, reopened the establishment under its new name — The Coffee House — Tuesday.

GREENVILLE — Regulars at the recently-closed Julie’s Coffee House in Greenville will continue to get their caffeine on there.

The coffee house (now called simply “The Coffee House”) reopened Tuesday with former assistant manager Jessica Riste at the helm.

The location has been a popular draw for coffee drinkers for many years, having always been a coffee house, though under different names, such as Julie’s, Pam’s, Lynn’s and Dudley’s.

Riste, who has been at the coffee house for the past 10 years, said she would be implementing a few changes to the place in the weeks ahead.

Most notable among those changes is the addition of a debit and credit card reader, which will allow customers more options when it comes time to pay.

“It’ll come in handy for customers who open their purse and suddenly realize one of their kids has ‘borrowed’ their last $20, and all they have left is a couple singles,” Riste said. “This gives them a more convenient way to pay.”

Riste also has done a little redecorating during the past couple weeks, removing old shelving and adding additional seating for individuals and small groups.

Other changes include the addition to the menu of protein shakes and fruit and vegetable trays. The rest of the food menu also is being significantly expanded.

“The fruit and vegetable trays will be ideal for people who just want to grab something and go,” Riste said.

Riste also plans to update the shop’s coffee line and will be experimenting with different blends in the weeks ahead. Michigan cherry, macadamia nut, cherry cordial and peppermint mocha are all flavors currently under consideration.

Special pricing on featured coffee of the week is also among the changes Riste plans to implement.

Business, so far, has been excellent, Riste said, and most of the faces she’s become familiar with over the years are still coming through the doors each day.

“I’ve been here 10 years,” Riste said. “I’m familiar with the business already. I stay for most of the after-hours groups, like the book clubs and the other after hours parties. I know all the groups and people who come here, I’ve been here so long.”

The Coffee House’s hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday. Riste plans to add Sunday hours beginning Sept. 1.

Contact the Coffee House at (616) 712-6445.

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