Lakeview football hires Sean Rinehart as new coach

By Chip Burch • Last Updated 11:30 am on Wednesday, May 22, 2013


LAKEVIEW — Lakeview football will be under new leadership this fall after Guenther Mittelstaedt was not brought back to coach for the 2013 season.

Mittelstaedt was not re-hired by the Lakeview Board of Education because he was spending his winters in Florida and the administration wanted someone who could be in contact with the players year-around, noted LakeviewAthletic Director Tom Wilcox.

“Guenther was a great addition, stepped in and did a great job,” Wilcox said. “We went 5-4 last year, he was excited about the future possibilities but his being gone in the wintertime down in Florida all winter was hard. He couldn’t talk to the kids during the wintertime and not many kids were going to the weight room and talking about football.”

Mittelstaedt echoed that sentiment.

“When I interviewed originally, they talked about the ideal situation being having a teacher-coach,” Mittelstaedt said. “They didn’t have the opportunity and so they gave me the opportunity to build the program at Lakeview.”

The new coach is Sean Rinehart, who came to the district as a teacher in January and also accepted the varsity football position.

“I had a lot of experience coaching in North Carolina for the past seven years,” Rinehart said. “I worked with some great head coaches. I learned a little bit about different kinds of schemes and I thought this was a great time.

“I turned 30 years old a little while ago and I felt like I had enough experience that I could take a program and try to build a tradition,” he said.

Rinehart was interviewed via Skype from North Carolina for the job, Wilcox noted.

“He (Rinehart) is very energetic, knowledgeable about both teaching in the classroom and working with the kids in the weight room” Wilcox said. “Him being a teacher in the district was a big bonus for us.”

Rinehart is a disciple of the veer offense.

“We run a split-back veer,” he said. “I’ve been around all different kinds of offenses and I feel like if you have good players you get them to buy into that scheme. It’s something that’s really hard to stop.”

Defensively, he runs a 3-3 stack, which he described.

“You use your defensive linemen to clog gaps, you use tour linebackers and DBs (defensive backs) to be athletes and make plays for your defense.”

Rinehart has high expectations for the Wildcats.

“My expectations are high, they always are high and they always will be high,” he said. “I put the playoffs on the schedule for a reason. I put the state championship on the schedule for a reason. I want these kids to know I believe in them and they should believe in themselves. I know that they came just shy of the playoffs last year going 5-4 and my expectations are to make the playoffs, have a special season and make some memories.”

Wilcox won’t put a number on the win total Rinehart should have.

“My expectations for him are to come in, continue the success they have been having on the football field,” Wilcox said. “I’m not going to put a number on it to say you have to make the playoffs this year. I think we have a shot at that this year with our history of improvement. My expectations he’s already working on that. It’s getting the kids in the weight room and building some excitement and enthusiasm with the program. That’s already happened.”

Mittelstaedt was grateful for the two years he spent at Lakeview, where he was a combined 9-10. Prior to Lakeview, he spent 27 years as head coach of Vermontville Maple Valley.

“I’m very thankful for having the opportunity to coach at Lakeview,” he said. “I think we are moving forward as a program. We have seven starters on offense and seven on defense. We have a good nucleus for the team.”

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