Wyse, Collins lead Daily News track meet

By Chip Burch • Last Updated 10:01 am on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Runners explode off the block as the start of the boys’ 100-meter dash begins at Tuesday’s Daily News Track Invitational. Carson City-Crystal’s Andre Collins won the race.


GREENVILLE — Despite some off-and-on showers throughout the meet, local track teams were able to run in the Daily News Invitational, and do well.

None did as well as Audrey Wyse of Greenville and Andre Collins of Carson City-Crystal.

The seniors were the athletes of the meet after their medal hauls in the final track meet of the season before the state finals.

Wyse started the meet by breaking her own record in the pole vault with an 11-6 1/8-inch jump.

Greenville’s Audrey Wyse, left, and Carson City-Crystal’s Andre Collins were voted the top male and female athletes at Tuesday’s annual Daily News Track Invitational at Greenville High School. Daily News publisher Julie Stafford presented the awards.

“It was an accomplishment I’ve been working for all season,” Wyse said. “I’m just really happy I could do it before the state meet.”

Her coach, Sharon Gianacakos, wasn’t surprised at the new record.

“She (Wyse) works very hard and her goal is to make it to state, which she did, and she wants to break the school record again,” Gianacakos said.

Wyse also won the 300-meter hurdles (46.34) and was third in the 100-meter hurdles (16.15).

“My usual for the 300 hurdles is a 47 seconds,” Wyse said. “I was just happy to break out of it and get a 46 today. It was another accomplishment. I was happy I could do that at my last track meet.”

Collins was a double-winner, winning the 100 (11.37) and the 200 (26.69).

“I wasn’t expecting to be athlete of the meet but I thought I’d try for it,” Collins said. “My two golds, I PRed (got a personal record) for my 200, which was good,” he said. “My 100, I could have ran faster.”

His coach, Marcus LeGrande, was pleased with him.

“I think this is good prep for Saturday,” he said.

Greenville’s girls won the most events, taking eight gold medals.

“Great performances today and a great way to end the season,” Gianacakos said.

Belding’s girls were second with six golds.

Greenville’s Ally Berry takes the hand off from Madison Sorsen during Tuesday’s 400 relay. The Yellow Jackets placed third behind Belding and Cedar Springs.

“The girls ran really well (Tuesday),” Belding coach John Carlson said. “Some of them had a little bit bigger thoughts on their minds, thinking about Saturday. Everyone who is going to finals got to run (Tuesday).”

Belding swept the long jump, with Mackenzie Rode winning the girls (15-7 ½) and Mitch Dykla winning the boys (20-5).

“I was really happy with both our long jumpers taking first in the long jump,” Carlson said. “Mitch Dykla, he’s a senior in his last competition in high school. Mitch broke 20 feet on three of his jumps.”

Central Montcalm got three medals from LaShae Wright, as she won the 100-meter hurdles (15.77), took third in the high jump (4-10) and was a member of the third-place 800-meter relay team (1:55.08).

“LaShae’s had a heck of a career. We’re going to miss her,” Central coach Kris Kolbe said. “She’s been a big point-scorer the past four years. She ran her best hurdle race, she had one of her better days high jumping, and she’s been an anchor on the 400- and 800-meter relays.”
Kolbe also liked how the boys relays did.

“We ran well. I was happy today,” he said. “We haven’t had really good conditions for a week, I don’t think we practiced last week, so to come out after Memorial Day weekend, I was really happy with our relays. We placed in the 3,200 and the 800 relays. Very proud of that.”
LeGrande didn’t mind his teams’ performances either.

“I think they performed really well,” he said. “I think they had a good showing. I thought he did really well.”
For most of the athletes at the meet, it was their last performance. But for Wyse, Collins and seven Belding girls, the state meet awaits on Saturday.

Belding’s Monica Baylis begins the final leg of the 1,600 relay on Wednesday during The Daily News Track Invitational. The Redskins won the race in 4:17.55.



Long jump: 1-Dykla, B, 20-5; 2-Becktell, TC, 19-9 ¾; 3-Moyers, CS, 19-7 ¼.
Shot put: 1-Krusniak, G, 47-5; 2-Bullock, G, 44-6 ½; 3-Prosser, G, 43-1.
High jump: 1-Kavanaugh, CCC, 6-0; 2-McKinney, V, 6-0; 3-Sutherland, B, 5-10.
Pole vault: 1-Hindenach, CS, 12-6; 2-Newell, TC, 12-0; 3-Van Ess, CS, 12-0.
3,200 relay: 1-Cedar Springs, 8:28.38; 2-Greenville, 9:06.64; 3-Central Montcalm, 9:50.25.
Discus: 1-Krusniak, G, 138-9 ½; 2-Jones, B, 137-5 ¾; Johnson, CS, 122-7 ½.
100 hurdles: 1-Muniz, G, 16.07; 2-Douglas, G, 16.21; 3-Shockey, CCC, 17.49.
100: 1-Collins, CCC, 11.37; 2-Rasmussen, G, 11.41; 3-Stephens, G, 11.62.
800 relay: 1-Greenville, 1:34.06; 2-Tri County, 1:37.34; 3-Central Montcalm, 1:39.81.
1,600 run: 1-Curtis, B, 4:41.85; 2-Lowing, G, 4:44.05; 3-Meneffee, CS, 4:44.99.
400 relay: 1-Greenville, 45.25; 2-Belding, 46.65; 3-CC-Crystal, 47.91.
400: 1-Groendal, TC, 53.98; 2-Becktell, TC, 55.14; 3-Metcalf, CCC, 55.56.
300 hurdles: 1-Muniz, G, 43.82; 2-Grover, V, 44.06; 3-Jones, B, 44.45.
800: 1-Reamer, G, 2:07.68; 2-Kavanaugh, CCC, 2:12.84; 3-Callahan, G, 2:15.02.
200: 1-Collins, CCC, 26.69; 2-Benevidez, V, 27.47; 3-Swider, B, 28.01.
3,200 run: 1-Curtis, B, 10:34.62; 2-Craig, CCC, 10:46.44; 3-Lowing, G, 10:49.47.
1,600 relay: 1-Greenville, 3:42.52; 2-Vestaburg, 3:50.83; 3-Lakeview, 3:54.37.


Discus: 1-Drumm, V, 106-0 ½; 2-Holyfield, B, 99-1; 3-Somerfield, G, 96-8 ¾.
Long jump: 1-M.Rode, B, 15-7 ½; 2-VanDussen, CS, 15-7 ¼; 3-Brezke, G, 15-7.
3,200 relay: 1-Greenville, 10:26.89; 2-Belding, 10:39.76; 3-Cedar Springs, 10:48.40.
Shot put: 1-Somerfield, G, 35-0 ½; 2-Zimmer, G, 32-4; 3-Wilker, B, 31-3 ½.
100 hurdles: 1-Wright, CM, 15.77; 2-Christensen, G, 16.13; 3-A.Wyse, G, 16.15.
100: 1-Baker, G, 12.76; 2-Berry, G, 12.96; 3-Briemayer, B, 13.09.
800 relay: 1-Belding, 1:49.06; 2-Greenville, 1:52.44; 3-Central Montcalm, 1:55.08.
Pole vault: 1-A.Wyse, G, 11-6 1/8; 2-D.Rode, B, 9-6; 3-VanDussen, CS, 9-0.
400 relay: 1-Belding, 52.74; 2-Cedar Springs, 53.35; 3-Greenville, 53.53.
1,600 run: 1-Pekrel, CS, 5:44.34; 2-Austin, G, 5:45.21; 3-Mann, CS, 5:56.14.
400: 1-Baker, G, 1:02.11; 2-D.Rode, B, 1:02.61; 3-Ruggles, CM, 1:06.04.
300 hurdles: 1-A.Wyse, G, 46.34; 2-Parker, B, 53.29; 3-Christensen, G, 53.82.
800: 1-Baylis, B, 2:19.68; 2-Rodriguez, TC, 2:28.31; 3-Sorsen, G, 2:35.60.
200: 1-Baker, G, 23.11; 2-Briemayer, B, 23.49; 3-Berry, 23.79.
High jump: 1-Christensen, G, 5-3; 2-Sower, B, 4-10; 3-Wright, CM, 4-10.
3,200 run: 1-Myles, B, 12:07.99; 2-Pekrel, CS, 12:11.29; 3-Austin, G, 12:58.02.
1,600 relay: 1-Belding, 4:17.55; 2-Greenville, 4:18.57; 3-Cedar Springs, 4:42.47.

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