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By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:19 am on Thursday, May 30, 2013

GREENVILLE — The Greenville City Council took a look at proposed capital improvement projects for the fiscal year 2013-2014 on Tuesday.

Greenville City Manager George Bosanic proposed projects totaling $3,109,428 during the special meeting at City Hall.

Of that amount, 53.4 percent ($1,640,000) would be covered by private money, which includes grants and donations.

The city’s capital improvement fund would cover 13.4 percent ($410,200) and the motor pool fund would cover 8.7 percent ($267,628).

The rest of the total would be split between the sewer fund (7.1 percent), major streets fund (6.6 percent), water fund (4.9 percent), local streets fund (4.5 percent) and special assessment loan (1.4 percent).

The projects are proposed for the 2013-2014 fiscal year as money permits for the city.


City Hall

Carried over from last year’s proposed capital improvements is a key card system proposal, which will cost about $15,000 from the capital improvement fund.

“This is for safety,” Bosanic said, stating currently people can walk freely through buildings like the City Hall during open hours.

Also, keys that unlock many of the facilities can be easily copied, he said.

Once installed, the public will still be able to access City Hall during open hours just not private rooms.

At City Hall, the copy machine/printer/scanner is being proposed to be replace for $18,000 as it is at its life expectancy.

Bosanic said because of how much the machine is used, the city should budget for a new one in case the current one breaks.

“This is a key piece of equipment,” Bosanic said of how often the machines are used. “We can’t function without one.”


Community Center

Bosanic said the parking lot at the Greenville Area Community Center has holes that need to be filled and will cost about $2,000.

Councilman Larry Moss suggested looking at the parking lot a whole soon as it is getting bad.

“I think more attention is needed then just patching,” Moss said. “I understand the budget restraints, but it needs to be looked at in the next couple of years.”

Parking lots in the downtown area, Bosanic said, have the same problem as Moss’ concern, but Bosanic said it does come down to the budget.

He noted more work could be done, however, something else would have to be cut.



The major project proposed for this coming fiscal year is the Oak and Baldwin streets reconstruction.

The city is receiving a grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation to complete the project that will cost $510,000. The grant will cover 80 percent of the project as the city will cover the 20 percent through the major streets fund.

Through the project, Oak Street will be reconstructed from about Ruth Street to Baldwin Street and Baldwin Street from Oak to Judd streets.

The water main replacement is not matched by the grant and the cost will be covered by the water funds.

Also being proposed is a sewer asset management project, which will cost $1,000,000, however, it will have a 90 percent grant match from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

This will help treat storm water in the future, Bosanic said, as a requirement from the state to do so is a possibility, which would be at the full cost of the city.

The 10 percent match ($100,000) would come from the sewer fund.

Bosanic also proposed $10,000 for improvements along the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail such as benches and drinking fountains.

“Could this be used for more garbage receptacles?” asked Mayor Pro Tem Frances Schuleit.

Bosanic explained with budget cuts and having to lay employees off, adding garbage receptacles further into the trail would require a job for employes to go the length of the trail to get them, something the city does not have money for.

“Our concern is maintenance,” Bosanic said.

However, he said he would look into the possibility of placing more where it would be easy for he city to maintain them.


Public safety

The Greenville Department of Public Safety has many upgrades proposed for the upcoming fiscal year.

Like last year, another police cruiser is showing its age and is up in miles and a new police cruiser is being proposed.

The new cruiser will also need equipment like the the LED lights as the equipment from the Crown Victorias do not fit in the new cars.

The cost is projected to be $30,000, which will be paid for through the capital improvement fund.

Something new being proposed for the public safety department are five duty rifles.

“With situations that have occurred, shot guns are not going it cut it,” Bosanic said of if a situation were to occur in Greenville. “We want to train our officers to use high-powered weapons to shoot from a distance. I think it’s time to consider it.”

Bosanic stressed the officers need to be able to accurately handle a situation from a distance if a situation was to happen in Greenville.

“Lets hope they don’t have to use it,” said Councilwoman Jeanne Cunliffe.


Public services

To help save money, Bosanic is proposing to find a used excavator to replace the current 1985 Komotsu that needs extensive repairs.

“It’s an invaluable tool if we are going to do projects,” Bosanic said.

To budget, Bosanic is proposing to set aside $40,000 from the motor pool fund to find a good used one.

“Looking for used (equipment) is great,” said Councilman Mark Lehman. “It’s pretty resourceful and good business as usual.”

Also, it is being proposed to replace the city’s front-end loader for $135,000 and purchasing a truck and plow for $38,000.

Both will also be paid for from the motor pool fund.


Proposed projects

Other proposed projects include items from the recreation department, Danish Kingdom, clerk’s office, street improvements and wast water treatment plant.

The Greenville City Council thanked Bosanic on Tuesday for his hard work on not only the capital improvement proposals, but the overall 2013-2014 budget.

The full list of the proposed capital improvement projects can be viewed at City Hall.

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