Lakeview High School’s class of 2013 brought up district’s academic standing

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 11:43 am on Monday, June 03, 2013

Ninety-eight seniors received diplomas at this year’s commencement exercises at Lakeview High School, held Sunday afternoon. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

LAKEVIEW — The motto of Lakeview High School’s graduating class of 2013, “Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising each time we fall” seems especially appropriate to these 98 seniors.

In the past four years, it was this group who changed the academic standing of Lakeview High School, bringing the school’s standardized test scores from an “at risk” rating to among the county’s highest.

The diligence shown by this graduating class did not go unremarked by the speakers at commencement exercises Sunday afternoon.

Superintendent Kyle Hamlin noted the students of the graduating class had shown great effort throughout their academic careers.

“Continue to use your intelligence as you face obstacles along the way,” Hamlin said. “Intelligence is one of the most powerful words in our language. Be diligent and tireless in your efforts to be successful in all you do. Pursue life with a passion that inspires others to live life with enthusiasm.”

Student speakers Gus Ward and Katie Johnson also spoke to the hard work that has taken the school from the academic chasm of four years ago to the shining standard now evinced by this graduating class.

Leesa Deadwyler, left, and Kameron Gilbert addressed graduates at Lakeview High School’s commencement exercises Sunday afternoon. Both students spoke to the academic strides made by the the students in recent years. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Leesa Deadwyler, another graduating senior, took a somewhat humorous take on the same topic during her address to the graduates.

“You’ve earned the right to move this tassel from the left side to the right side of our faces,” Deadwyler said. “Think about that. Oh, wait, there’s more. We get to walk across the stage, try not to trip and get a piece of paper, not a real diploma. This is our moment.”

Kameron Gilbert, who spoke alongside Deadwyler, also had a few humorous comments for the graduating class. The importance of knowing how important it is for each senior to know the size and configuration of a “souped-up Ford 350” figured prominently in his comments.

Gilbert also reflected on the difficulties some students from a small town might face moving to the “big city.”

“Are you really ready to go to the big city where nobody knows your name?” Gilbert said. “I’m confident that those people sitting right behind you guys (the high school teaching staff) have provided us with the preparation to become successful.”

Keynote speaker and high school teacher Peter Wurm complimented the graduates on the great academic strides they have made over the past four years and urged them to continue their efforts into adulthood.

“You guys have set the standard,” Wurm said. “Because of your leadership, future students must strive to do their best at Lakeview High School. Be very proud of that, but don’t let it stop now.

Lakeview Public Schools Superintendent Kyle Hamlin, left, handed out diplomas — and, sometimes, hugs— to graduating seniors at this year’s commencement exercises, held Sunday. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

“You must continue to set the tone. Dream of the future. High school was wonderful but these are the last few months you’ll have together. You probably have one last summer together. Next year, you go to college or get your first real job. You must promise me, you’ll walk into the future with the same confidence you’ve carried with you the past four years.”

Wurm concluded his comments by advising the student to “…always wash your hands before you eat, but always keep them dirty enough to know where you came from. Some of you may become doctors or teachers, hopefully, but you will always be Wildcats, and Lakeview will always be home.”

Also speaking at commencement were graduating seniors Gus Ward, Katie Johnson, Lexi Bates and Keelie Outman.

Lakeview High School Principal Gary Jensen provided closing remarks and the graduates exited to the entirely appropriate musical strains of “Unstoppable” by Rascal Flatts.

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