Edmore Village Council silent on Maxfield’s $238,000 loan

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 11:47 am on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bonnie Davis addresses the Edmore Village Council about a $238,000 loan Tony Maxfield allegedly owes the village. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

EDMORE — One month ago, the Edmore Village Council agreed to give a local businessman until the next council meeting to find a solution to pay the $238,000 he allegedly owes the village.

The next council meeting came and went Monday night, but the council took no action. The matter was not even discussed.

On March 11, council members approved having the village attorney send a letter to Averyville Acres (Tony Maxfield) regarding a loan Maxfield took out from the Edmore Economic Development Fund in 2009. Tony Maxfield owns The Depot in Edmore and Maxfield’s Restaurant in nearby Blanchard.

At the May 13 meeting, Village President Chet Guild informed the council that Maxfield currently owes the village $238,000 and shows no sign of paying. Guild said the council has the option of either suing Maxfield’s Restaurant (in which case Guild said the village would get nothing), or suing Maxfield and his sister, Sherry, both of whom Guild said signed a personal note of guarantee for the loan.

After discussion, council members agreed at the May 13 meeting to give Maxfield another month to act.

“We’re going to give him 30 days to come up with something,” said Guild at the May 13 meeting. “The 30 days will be it at the next council meeting.”

Edmore Village President Chet Guild listens to a comment from Bonnie Davis in the audience at Monday night’s council meeting. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

However, the issue of Maxfield and the loan were not discussed at all at Monday night’s meeting, save a brief comment from one woman in the audience of about 40 people. Bonnie Davis addressed the council to clarify a comment she made about Maxfield’s loan at the May 13 meeting.

“I said something about ‘How much have you paid the lawyer?’ … and you (Guild) said you didn’t know, but anyway, that must have ticked you off because you said, ‘Well do you think I’m going to just dismiss this loan, you’re crazy!’” Davis said. “Well, I want to put this on the record that no, I do not think we should just dismiss this loan. I do not want Maxfield’s loan just to be forgiven.”

In an unrelated matter, Village Councilman Chuck Burr informed the audience that 24 people have applied for the open village manager position. Burr said six finalists will be interviewed in the coming days and three finalists will be chosen for second interviews.


In Other Matters …

At Monday’s meeting, the Edmore Village Council also:

• Voted 7-0 to authorize acceptance of grant money for the farmers market project at the old bag factory after hearing an update from DDA President Jack Miller.

• Voted 5-2 to sell park equipment after hearing from Police Chief Luke Sawyer that the equipment is attracting troublemaking youths. Chet Guild and Chuck Burr voted “no.”

• Voted 7-0 to take bids for putting in a road at the Sunrise complex (old Hitachi property) from Neff Road 1,500 feet to to the east. Guild said previous estimates came in first at $418,800 and then at $302,200. Guild said the Sunrise complex fund currently has $966,000.

• Voted 7-0 to form a committee to determine how much several village lots are worth if the village decides to sell them.

• Voted 7-0 to table a decision about expired terms of eight members of the Planning Commission until the next meeting.

• Voted 4-3 to take bids for dredging the village pond. Guild said the project would be funded by the general fund, which currently contains more than $700,000. Bonnie Ashbaugh, Karen Deja and Art Schuitma all voted “no.”

• Voted 7-0 to approve the 12.4907 millage request (the same rate as the current millage).

• Voted 7-0 to have Home Township print the village taxes.

• Voted 6-0 to approve Schuitema as a council member. Guild had appointed Schuitema to fill a vacant position on the council at the May 13 meeting; however, Guild informed the council on Monday night that they needed to approve Schuitema to the council.

• Voted 7-0 to accept three people to the street committee.

• Voted 7-0 to approve employee insurance specifications per Public Act 152.

• Voted 7-0 to create a committee to look into updating village ordinances.

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