Student designs logo for Montcalm County Drain Commission

By Mike Taylor • Last Updated 11:34 am on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fulton High School graduate and soon-to-be Montcalm County Community College student Jack Browne sketched these designs for the new Montcalm County Drain Commission logo. — Courtesy photo

STANTON — When Art Ward heard that staff at the Montcalm County Drain Commission Office in Stanton were shopping around for someone to design the department’s new logo, he knew exactly where to turn.

Ward, who teaches computer aided design and engineering at the Montcalm Area Career Center in Sidney, thought immediately of his student, Jack Browne.

“Jack is a very art-oriented kid,” Ward said. “He loves to sketch up old car designs, that’s where his interest lies. When (Drain Commissioner) Sandy (Raines) called, I thought, well, that’s not really what we do, but I have Jack and he just loves to do this kind of thing.”

Browne, who graduated from Fulton High School in Middleton this year and plans to pursue a career in graphic design beginning at Montcalm Community College in Sidney this fall, took up the reins and quickly developed the Drain Commission logo.

Browne initially sketched several rough drawings, then collaborated with Ward in deciding which elements to keep and which to discard. Little by little, the final piece came together until both Browne and Ward had a finished product they felt exemplified the department.

“Basically, the Drain Commission serves many purposes,” Browne said. “I wanted to suggest that in my design. The left side shows how the commission works with nature to keep wildlife grow the way it’s supposed to. The right side is dedicated to farming equipment and work in the fields.”

Jack’s initial sketches slowly morphed into the design that was accepted by the Drain Commission. That design, which Jack created by hand, will be transferred to digital media and included in all sorts of Drain Commission materials in the future.

This is the artist’s first “professional” commission, but it’s one that will be seen by a lot of eyes, including those that will one day be looking at Browne’s resume.

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