Montcalm Township to offer pool-filling services

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 9:52 am on Friday, July 12, 2013


MONTCALM TOWNSHIP —  The Montcalm Township Fire Department will be able to offer pool-filling services in the near future.
During the township board meeting on Wednesday, the trustees voted to allow the fire department to offer the service to township residents.

“It’s a great way to get involved and provide a service,” said Supervisor Michael Adams.

Adams explained the fire department has been approached by members within the township asking if the department provides the service. The idea did bring concerns about liability to the board along with the fire board, however, Adams said he spoke with the township’s insurance agent who stated the township would not be liable if something were to happen.

The Montcalm Township Board along with Fire Chief Clif Dickinson discussed putting policies and requirements together and left Dickinson in charge of putting things in order.

It is yet to be determined how much the service will cost, if anything. The service will only be available to township residents.

Dickinson said he gets about three or four requests a year to have pools filled.

Adams said he sees benefits to offering this service such as it helps to flush pumps and other equipment along with giving firefighters training time.

“It good to get the trucks out and used, as well,” Dickinson said.

Lakeview District Fire Department has been offering this service for years to its residents, said Fire Chief Patrick Q. Carr, who agreed the service is great training for the firefighters.

“New recruits get road time for their drivers training requirements for certification,” Carr said. “They learn about turning on pumps and hoses layout (too).”

Carr said the department has offered the service for at least 10 years, but remembers it being offered by the department when he was a kid. The department did take a small break from it, but was reintroduced into the Lakeview community when Carr was the assistant fire chief.

The department only fills about two or three pools a year, but Carr said the residents like the low price.

“It’s not a super big thing, but it’s a nice service,” Carr said. “People benefit from it and it has worked out pretty well.”

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