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Guest View | Victoria Simon

Make sure you have your test booklet, answer document and a No 2 pencil. Mark only one answer for each question. Completely fill in the corresponding circle on your answer document with your best choice.


What is the MEAP?

A. Michigan Educational Assessment Program

B. A test given to all public school student in third through ninth grade in Michigan

C. A test that assesses students, evaluates teachers and ranks schools

D. All of the above

The correct answer is “D. All of the above.”


The MEAP takes place throughout Michigan in October. All schools administer the same tests on the same dates. Third through eighth graders are tested in math and reading, and certain grades take tests in writing, science and social studies. Social studies is the only MEAP test ninth graders take.

To prepare, families need to help their students get enough sleep, attend school on test days and speak positively about the test. Schools count on the support families give in helping students succeed.

Students taking the MEAP need a regular bedtime with a sufficient amount of high quality sleep every night from October 6-16 in order to test their best. There is a great deal of research on the effects of sleep on the brain’s ability to gain, retain and explain knowledge and skills.

“Students need sleep to learn well and test well,” said Meri Stevens, fourth grade teacher at Threshold Academy. “It really is one of the most important way families can help their children succeed on the test.”

Student should attend school on the day of each test. Test administration is easier for the school when students are present. Absent students take a different version of the test, miss classroom instruction while they are making up the test and take the test in whatever space the school has available which may not be comfortable. Many schools serve breakfast or snacks on test days and may not do so on make up days.

Finally, families should be positive and supportive of their students test taking. Encourage your child to do his or her personal best. Tell him or her to stick with long reading passages and difficult math problems. Lengthy standardized testing can be stressful so family support is important.


What is the best way a family can help a student prepare for the MEAP?

A. Make sure the student gets enough high quality sleep

B. Make sure the student attends school on test days

C. Speak positively and supportively about the test

D. All of the above

We are going to stop now. Please put all test materials down and close your test booklets until all materials are collected.

The correct answer is “D. All of the above.”

 Victoria Simon is the principal of Threshold Academy. The school is operated by EightCAP, Inc., a community action agency. 

 The opinions expressed in the Guest View do not necessarily represent the opinions of The Daily News.

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