OUR VIEW: Shutdown due to lack of leadership

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:11 am on Monday, October 14, 2013

The government of the most powerful nation on the globe is supposedly shut down.

What can be said about that situation other than there is an obvious lack of leadership on both sides of the aisle. Forget about who’s right and who’s wrong: both sides have legitimate arguments. But we hire these folks to settle the differences in a way that benefits the country as a whole. That’s their job … and they get lifetime benefits for their trouble.

The front page drama here is the Affordable Care Act, the legacy of President Obama’s time in office, and a humongous fiscal challenge, the intricacies of which are for most Americans and their legislative leaders too much to understand. The ramifications of this unfathomable legislation purport to be bottom line in the argument in the country’s mounting deficit and a reasonable concern for all of us.

So now we have shutdown federal facilities, the lockdown of which costs more than keeping them in operation; which nevertheless will result in paid vacations for the “furloughed” federal employees. The Feds take care of themselves.

But there’ll be untold numbers of American who will be hurt because of the shutdown. Who will cover their losses? Are we now subservient to the Washington establishment and their cronies or what?

Our ultimate military power in a world that operationally is shrinking in time, distance, but not technological sophistication is becoming less of an asset on the “good” side of the ledger. No one wins when we’re dependent on who wins the outcome.

Sadly, our national government scenario has become an unending western movie scenario that repeats and repeats but never ends: the good guys and the bad guys keep fighting, but the town is never saved.

Do these federal folks care more about their careers or their country? It’s a matter of wisdom, courage and personal integrity. We have elected them to put their country first.


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