Central Montcalm gains some students during recent count

By Lori Hansen • Last Updated 12:03 pm on Thursday, October 17, 2013

STANTON — Student counts and copier equipment are two very different subjects, but both could mean increased revenue for Central Montcalm Public School.

Superintendent Kristi Teall explained to the Board of Education at their monthly meeting Wednesday night that the student count taken in February totaled 1,708 students, and administrators estimated a decline of 10 students, or 1,698, going into this school year.

“Our count (on Oct. 3) actually shows instead of losing students, we gained, and had 1,740 bodies in the school on count day this fall,” Teall said. “This is more than we budgeted for and puts us in a much better position.”

Teall said the new students included those who came to the district through Schools of Choice, moving into the area, as well as transitional students, who move in and out of the district.

The additional students, with a $7,000 per-pupil funding, will garner the district an additional $290,000.

In a money-saving measure, the board also discussed leasing copier equipment for the use in the school buildings.

“There is lots of money spent on toner, paper, ink besides the fact the machines are older and often must be repaired,” said Teall, who explained that that currently $5,900 per month is spent on copier machine repairs. Among the issues are the copier only allowing 25 copies to be printed at one time.

She explained she has received bids from two different companies concerning a possible lease arrangement, both who would include any necessary repairs to be included in the lease agreement..

“The bids are very close, and with either one, our costs should come down around 30 percent per month,” she explained.

“$5,900 is a lot of money,” agreed board member Bill Collins.

“Money that could go back to the classrooms,” Teall noted.

Teall said she would pursue the lease arrangement. Because the proposal was for a lease, rather than a purchase, a vote of board members was not necessary.

In other business, the Central Montcalm school board:

• received the financial audit report for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

• established Sunday, May 18, as the commencement date for the class of 2014.

• entered into executive session to discuss strategy in the collective bargaining process

• heard a report from local resident Amber Hansen concerning the CM Backpack Program.

 Correspondent Lori Hansen is a Greenville-area resident.

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