Emergency officials help deliver baby at Howard City home

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 10:01 am on Friday, January 03, 2014

HOWARD CITY — Local emergency officials helped deliver a baby last Saturday afternoon at a Howard City home.

An ambulance and Rescue 29 unit responded to a report of a pregnant woman with back pain at 1:21 p.m. Soon after officials arrived, they realized the 19-year-old woman was actually in labor. They radioed for additional assistance.

Howard City Police Officer Trent Moeggenberg was taking advantage of a calm day to try to catch up on his reports in the office when he overheard a call on the radio from a rescue attendant to an ambulance about a woman being in labor.

“I responded to assist the rescue personnel as I know from experience that such situations either go really well or not and it never hurts to have extra hands in such a situation,” Moeggenberg said.

A Montcalm County sheriff’s deputy who was in town also responded to assist, arriving at the house in the 500 block of Juniper Street at the same time as Moeggenberg.

“When we entered the house, the baby had been already delivered and was crying and the rescue personnel were in the process of clamping the cord,” Moeggenberg said. “We assisted the rescue personnel with gathering information and supplies for them. We also helped family move some furniture out of the way so ambulance personnel could get their cot in. After ambulance personnel arrived, we then helped them get mom and baby loaded in the ambulance and they left for the hospital.”

The mother and baby are both doing fine. The mother declined a request seeking comment.

“Really, all the credit should go to the rescue attendant that actually delivered the baby,” Moeggenberg said. “The rescue attendant who delivered the baby was pretty excited over what he was able to do for the mother. It was a first for him, and he’s one of the more experienced medical first responders that run out of Rescue 29.”

Montcalm County Emergency Medical Services officials declined comment.

“It definitely was one of the more happier calls that I had been involved on this year and not something you respond to or hear about happening on a daily basis,” Moeggenberg said. “I know I felt pretty good about helping out in the small way that I did. I had been around some close calls in regards to childbirth in 12 years in law enforcement but never an actual delivery in the field.”

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