SHORT TAKES: It’s about time to take the plunge

Is your skin feeling dry and itchy from too much confinement indoors from the inordinate winterizing we’re enduring this year?

Why not fight back, go wild, and step up to this winter’s Polar Plunge challenge. It’s at Turk Lake this year, at 3 p.m. on Feb. 8. The Turk Lake Tavern and Bar will be hosting the event to raise funds for the Special Olympics.

Call Jim Dennis at (989) 862-5621 for questions. For $75 you and your buddies can belong to a tough group helping a wonderful cause. No doubt, you’ll be part of a cool group of people.

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Greenville’s Other Place — formerly Eddy’s — has been sold.

First of all, congrats to Debbie Elderkin for upgrading and preserving a latter-day landmark. Eddy’s was a local favorite that needed some changes and the Elderkins made it happen.

Word is the name might go back to Eddy’s. Not a bad idea, but in any case, we wish the new owners the best. And we’re anxious to announce their plans.

 • • • •

There’s talk about a Greenville downtown pavilion for marketing.

A good deal for downtown, but what about parking, etc. Who’s speaking for the vendors, and what do they have to say about it?

Farmers markets and their varieties and add much to our quality of life. Let’s get the thing settled. Good for Greenville’s downtown if they can make it happen. Otherwise, the area has to have a strong farmers market in a convenient location. Suggestion are — or should be — welcome. In today’s economy, especially in our location, we’re looking foolish in not having a stable farmers market.


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