ED GILBERT: More deer hunting changes may happen

By Ed Gilbert • Last Updated 9:53 am on Monday, February 03, 2014

Hunters will need to decide the issues, but two new deer hunting revisions are now in the works. They include the Lower Peninsula regulations.

The proposals will effect the northern Lower Peninsula, or Zone 2, and all of Zone 3 which is the southern part of Michigan.

Should the proposals come to fruition, all northern Lower Peninsula hunters will not be able to shoot a first deer with less than three antler points on a side, and a second deer would need four points on a side. Further, southern Michigan hunters could not shoot a buck unless it had at least four antler points on a side.

According to one report, DNR officials have developed a survey for hunters. Those surveys will be passed on to members of the Natural Resources Commission, where they will be voted on this coming spring. Accordingly, the survey approval requires a 50 percent participation rate along with a 66 percent approval by hunters.

Actually, there are so many questions and situations within these proposals that I hesitate to get into them within this column. Those involve not only taking away a personal choice by a hunter over what deer to shoot, but the youth hunting situations and even what to do about out-of-state hunters,.

However, it does seem to me that there are some organizations that wish to take any choice out of a hunters hands and dictate why, when, what and where we all may hunt.

Does anyone see a trend here? Is this like the old saying, “Give the Marines an inch and they’ll take a mile?” Being a former Marine I really hate to put it that way, but what are some of these “elite” groups or organizations going to propose next?

OK, perhaps that statement is a little strong, and I’m certain to hear about it, but one does wonder why we must be told to shoot only what one could consider a trophy deer.

I believe the average hunter will not only be thoroughly confused by the passage of these proposals, but may even think several times before buying a license to hunt deer. And here I thought the DNR needed more money in their coffers.

OK, bring it on!

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